Jordan 1 Colorways: The Color Schemes Reigning Over!

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When it comes to the sneaker scene, showing off your unique style and rocking the finest is a must. That’s where the Air Jordan 1 steps in – the undisputed gem in any true sneakerhead’s collection! It all traces back to the OG Bred Jordan 1s, the ones MJ was banned from wearing on the court. Fast forward, and now we’ve got 38 Jordan models, in more colors than you can count. So, to make your choice a breeze, we’ve ranked the best Jordan 1 colorways – the ones that set it all on fire

But before we dive into the classics, keep your eyes on the upcoming one-of-a-kind Jordan 1 Celadon if you’re searching for some sneaker magic!best-Jordan-1-colorways

Best Jordan 1 Colorways List 

P.S. The sales figures for the following Jordan 1s are for the year 2023


Colorway: Satin Bred/Chicago
Styles: Jordan 1 Satin Bred and Jordan 1 Chicago
Total Sold: 15,246 and 43,770Jordan 1 ChicagoJordan 1 Colorways Bred

These OG classics, the “Bred” and the Chicago, are the epitome of timeless style. These two mindblowing colorways are the OG symbol of rebellion, still turning heads. The Bred’s black and red combo oozes coolness, and the Chicago 1s are a fan favorite in both high and low cuts. They keep making a comeback because they’re just that awesome. Don’t be surprised when they disappear in a flash every drop – they’re here to stay!


Colorway: white/ black
Style: Jordan 1 Mid Diamond Shorts
Total Sold: 6,347Jordan 1 Colorways black and white

Classic colors never go out of style, and black and white is a prime example. This versatile colorway goes with anything, and that’s why it’s a consistent hit. Lately, Nike and Jordan Brand are doubling down on it, restocking the Jordan 1 Black and white, which also maintains strong resale value.


Colorway: Bordeaux
Style: Jordan 1 Bordeaux High
Total Sold: 4,057Jordan 1 Colorways Bordeaux

Then we have the Jordan 1 high with its rich and warm Bordeaux colorway that just screams royalty! These kicks debuted in 2021 & they always made a big success on many other Jordan models!


Colorway: Court Purple
Style: Jordan 1 High Court Purple
Total Sold: 2,876Jordan 1 Court Purple

The Court Purple colorway pays tribute to the Court King, symbolizing elegance and rebellion with its royal, powerful, and creative vibes. Even without a deep backstory, “Court Purple” remains iconic and highly sought-after on many other Jordan silhouettes!


Colorway: Pine green
Style: Jordan 1 Pine Green
Total Sold: 1,785Pine Green

Jordan Brand keeps hitting us with those fresh colorways to spice up the lineup, and the Pine Green? It’s a total game-changer!

So, this crisp colorway brought a breath of fresh air and made waves on other Jordan retros. It was a big-time hit, no doubt about it!

And if you’re a Boston Celtics fan, reppin’ the heavyweight NBA champs, this colorway’s got your back. 


Colorway: Mocha
Style: Travis Scott Jordan 1 Mocha
Total Sold: 1,410Travis Scott Mocha

Now to the colorway that the hottest Nike collabs brought to life. Travis Scott shifted his focus from music to the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Mocha” in 2019. It’s been a top-pick Jordan 1 colorway ever since, reselling for over 1.5K to this day. So, with its coffee-inspired swag and wild reversed Swoosh, the Jack Catus Mocha set the bar high as one of the super-coveted Jordan 1 colorways.


Colorway: Royal
Style: Jordan 1 Royal Reimagined
Total Sold:548royal-reimagined

Wrapping up our list with the iconic Royal Blue Colorway, a global sensation! When it comes to the dopest shade on a Jordan 1, it’s a sneakerhead’s ultimate fantasy. While Jordan himself didn’t sport these on the court, they’re undeniably gold. These bad boys ignited a craze for non-Bulls colored Jordans, and the ’85 edition is still commanding over 5K in the aftermarket

Jordan 1s: Highs vs Mids

Not only is the original colorway reigning over the best Jordan 1 colorway list but also its style seems to be the majority’s favorite.. Why high tops over mids? However, High tops trump mids because they’ve been iconic since day one. Mids arrived in the early 2000s, but Jordan Brand’s legacy was already solid. So, Mids were kinda stuck in the middle, though they got a pandemic boost when the hype was wild. Newbies boosted their sales, but Highs still reign supreme, and the OGs are untouchable.

How to Buy Every Hot Jordan 1 Colorway at Retail?

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