Step-by-Step Guide: How to Successfully Sell on GOAT

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What is GOAT? And how exactly can you sell on GOAT? Well, why don’t we find that out together!

Welcome to the world of sneaker reselling, where passions meet profits! This business has great significance in the digital age. As it offers individuals a lucrative opportunity to make money online. From selling clothes, bags, and other collectibles, to selling sneakers, some platforms are doing it all. But with the rise of the sneaker culture, sneakers are top contenders in the reselling field. This popularity made reselling websites go international like Stock X! Over the years this practice gained high popularity across the world starting from China passing by Europe and US. Mind you, GOAT is one resale website that works just perfectly everywhere. So that we have a full GOAT vs StockX debate going on! how-to-sell-on-goat

Nevertheless, if you’re a sneaker enthusiast looking to turn your collection into a gainful venture, you’ve come to the right place. GOAT, one of the premier sneaker reselling platforms, offers an excellent opportunity to connect with a vast community of potential buyers.

However, if you ever find yourself on the other side of the transaction, and you regret buying a product off GOAT, here’s how to cancel a GOAT order!

What is GOAT?

Well, in a nutshell, GOAT is an online resale market that gives you the option to sell both used and new sneakers, apparel, and accessories. It serves as a reliable marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, allowing them to access a big selection of rare and sought-after sneakers.

With a focus on authenticity and verification, GOAT provides peace of mind to buyers by ensuring they receive authentic products. This commitment to quality gave GOAT a reputation as a go-to platform for securing rare and exclusive footwear. As a result, GOAT simply acts as a middleman between you and the customer.

P.S. Do you know that GOAT’s estimated annual revenue is currently $80.8M per year? (No Wonder!)

How To Sell On GOAT? The Simple Method

How to sell on GOAT? You might think it’s rocket science. But in reality, there’s nothing to it more than following simple steps. Actually, GOAT promises an easy, convenient online shopping experience for rare and hard-to-find sneakers. This popular and safe destination became a come-to-source for coveted kicks.

However, if you’re here to specifically sell sneakers, you gotta inspect that sneaker copping guide really well before anything. And to break it down to you in a simple way, you’ll need a great sneaker bot. Because what’s the point of selling sneakers if you ain’t gonna make a profit outta them? 

Now if you’re only aiming to catch Jordans and Nike, a Nike bot is exactly what you need. And never forget, a bot is only good when you pair it with the best proxies and Nike accounts. Now, let’s dive right through today’s guide together!

Now, let’s take a general look at the steps of how to sell on GOAT before we get into more deets about them:

  • Create an account 
  • Sourcing and listing your product
  • Set proper pricing
  • Know your seller fees
  • Ship the item for authentication
  • Receive Payment

1- Create an Account

The first step requires you to go to GOAT’s website, OR you can download the Goat app, then create an account. 

If you already have an account, just log in with your info. If not, you have to sign up and apply the following steps:

  • Go into the sell tab
  • Enter your email address
  • Set a password
  • Enter accurately all your personal info including payment and shipping info
  • Submit your account
  • Be patient and wait for the GOAT approval statement in your email inbox

how to sell on goat - sign up
request-to-sell-on-goat2- Sourcing and Listing your product 

In the second step, you’ll need to choose what you want to sell. You gotta pick the brand, model… and the product you want to sell of course. To add that item- or list it- there are several simple steps you need to:

  • Start collecting and sourcing your products Go to the sell tab
  • Search for the sneaker you wanna sell
  • Take proper photos of the item you have to sell ( GOAT will have you open your camera to show you exactly where to place the sneakers to take your photo, they want multiple different angles at the shoes to post)
  • Write a description regarding all the info of your product (For example accurate sizing info)  

Moreover, GOAT is going to ask what condition your sneaker is in whether that be brand new in the box or brand new without the box. Make sure you select these details accurately. As you don’t want any problems at the authentication center. Plus, you don’t wanna pay to have these sneakers shipped back to you!

sell sneakers on goat - search

Note: Make sure you’re uploading clear pics of your pair to have the listing approved ASAP

3- Set Your Asking Price

You’d probably be thinking: “Oh, here comes the complicated part!” But worry not fam. Shit’s easy. Setting a competitive price can lead you far ahead of competitors on GOAT. It will get the buyer’s attention.

So, when you’re selling brand-new sneakers the better priced will sell first. Thus, if you price competitively your sneaker will sell out faster. However, costing you some extra profit you could’ve bagged.

Hence, lowering the asking price should be your go-to strategy when you have multiple pairs. So if you’ve used TSB and scored some Dunks in bulk, you’d probably wanna sell them out fast. Thus price them lower.

price-sneakers-on-goat-to-sell4- Count Your Seller Fees

Y’all need to know that selling a pair of kicks for $200 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your $200 in full. GOAT  ain’t really running a charity! Beware of the fees starting with a 9.5% commission for sellers with an extra $5 fee. Moreover, the commission hits 25% if the seller receives a lot of cancellations. Add to all that a 2.9% fee for PayPal if you run your transactions there.


5- Ship the item for Authentication

Now the good part, you got the first sale on GOAT, its time to complete your mission following these steps:

  • Your listing will be active momentarily, check your email periodically to see if your sneaker has sold.
  • As soon as your shoes sell on GOAT you have 24 hours to confirm the order.
  • After you confirm the order, choose the option named “Generate Label.
  • Then, GOAT will send a pre-shipping address label to you to send your pair for authentication.
  • Your listing will now move to the ‘need to ship’ section and you going to be emailed a link with your supply and your packing slip.
  • Once you complete all these steps all you have to do is drop off the package at a UPS location within 3 days of generating that label.

The authentication process for GOAT includes inspecting everything from the label to the stitching and even the color. They use digital authentication, in-hand verification, and machine learning technology.


6- Recieve Paymentssell-on-goat-receive-payment

From this point if you go to your sales section in the top left corner, you’re going to see a button that says credits, you can go there and see your pending funds …

This is not going to clear until the authentication process has been completed so Be Patient.!

Now after all your work is done you just need to wait for the money to come through. Once you receive Those funds you can cash them out immediately. 

To sum up, GOAT is a pretty cool platform for buying and selling sneakers online. So, go there and make the best of it!

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