What Are The 4 Best Sneaker Resell Sites Europe Got?

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It’s no secret the sneaker industry been diffusing into other cultures and countries for ages now! And this culture not only earned its place globally, but it even got a language of its own as well. So, if you wanna walk the sneakerhead walk, it’s only fitting that you talk the talk. How exactly do you do that? Well, you can start by learning your kicktionary! It helps you navigate your way through it all. But y’all know what’s helping with the sneaker industry’s popularity and its increasing value? The sneaker resale market, of course! Sneaker reselling became a main side hustle for many. However, sneaker reselling got its own people, rules… and websites! So, if you live anywhere in Europe, today’s all about you, since we’ll be telling you all about the best sneaker resell sites Europe got! 


How To Resell Sneakers In Europe

So, if you ain’t in the game still, here are your top reasons to join the market! Spoiler alert: Reselling sneakers can make you a helluva lot of money! Indeed, the 2024 list of best shoes to resell speaks volumes! So, before you search for the best sneaker resell sites Europe or other continents got, it’s better to know your retail websites first. After getting an idea about the top sneaker brands, styles, and all that shit. 

For this reason, we’ll first let you on the way to buying sneakers online for retail before diving into our topic. At the end of the day, you can’t jump to step 2 (reselling) without going through the first step (buying for retail). So, let’s brief you on sneaker copping. First, you gotta equip yourself with a great sneaker bot. However, if you’re only aiming to score Nike and Jordans, then a Nike bot is your best buddy. Because, copping-wise, Nike drops are as shitty as it gets. Resale-wise? They are worth every last one of your hard efforts! But don’t worry, with the right SNKRS bot, your odds at catching Ws are high. And one of the best Nike bots on the market today is TSB! Let’s take a look at all the whys and hows! 

Does The Shit Bot Work In Europe? 

As we just mentioned, The Shit Bot is the ultimate Nike bot y’all been looking for! Supporting over 50+ regions, you can cop sneakers from every corner of the globe. However, the very corner of the world TSB been kicking ass and nailing every release in, is Europe! So if you wanna cop directly from Nike SNKRS EU without paying extra shipping costs and fees, TSB is the bot for you, fam! Click below to know more about the shittiest bot in town! 


What you also need are some accessories to go with your bot. Starting with great proxies and Nike accounts. And if you wanna join a know-it-all community that can help you cop, develop connections, and give you consistent release updates, cook groups are your answer! 

Sneaker Resell Sites Europe: A Worthwhile List

After you run your sneaker bot and start scoring Ws, you gotta find the right websites to resell ‘em kicks at. It’s worth noting that, most of the following websites are international. Meaning you still can resell your kicks on them wherever you are in the world. However, locally-based websites are always a plus as they save you more time and money! And this is why we decided to start with the best sneaker resell sites Europe has to offer! 

Sneaker Resale Sites: StockX

Let’s begin with the sneaker resale giant, shall we? StockX is one of the best sneaker resell sites in Europe. Besides it being a very easy online marketplace to navigate, it makes sure to authenticate your item before accepting it and sending it to the buyer. Well, at least that has always been the case until Nike put some doubt in sneakerheads’ minds accusing the X of selling fakes


Anyway, the way this resale website works is that you send in your item. It gets verified. You get your money. Easy-peasy shit. However, its seller fees been increasing gradually. So, now some resellers think twice before going all in. However, you gotta know, that as you go up in levels your selling fees decrease. So, if you’re a beginner in the game you’ll have to pay level 1 fees: a 10% plus, a 3% processing fee. Now, if you live anywhere else besides Europe, you’ll have to pay extra shipping fees. Since that one is based on location! 

One last tip if you’re in to start a shoe reselling business. If you ever mess up your order or get cold feet, here’s a guide on how to cancel a StockX order

Sneaker Resale Resale Sites: GOAT

In the sneaker industry, it’s Nike vs. Adidas. It’s only right to compare two of the most competitive companies in a certain industry. Now, with Adidas’ share prices plummeting, we don’t know how long it’s being a sneaker giant would stay the case… Anyway, just like there are two competitive sneaker companies, there are two sneaker resale giants. And these would be StockX vs. GOAT for ya! Moreover, here’s another helpful guide to ace your selling game on StockX!Sneaker Resale Sites GOATS


Well, if you hoped that them selling fees would be lower than StockX’s, then we apologize for crashing down your hopes. Because this European sneaker resell site requires you to pay high-percentage fees. You’ll have to pay a minimum of 9.5% as a commission fee, in addition to the seller fee. And just like StockX, the lower your rating the more commission fees you have to pay! Click here for the complete list of fees on GOAT. Furthermore, you can check out this step-by-step guide to master the art of selling on GOAT!


KLEKT is one of the oldest Sneaker resell sites Europe has. Both sellers and buyers trust this reselling website’s legitimacy. What’s great about this platform, it gives sellers 24 hours to confirm a certain sale. Which means sellers don’t have to go into a frenzy every time they wanna go back on an offer. This online store got a fixed 17% commission fee! And to calculate your overall KLEKT fee, you only have to enter your listing price and the platform’s Fee Calculator will give the result as well as how much your customer will pay!



Based in the Netherlands, Restocks is a young resale market compared to StockX and GOAT. However, it’s legit as heck. Concerning fees, you have to pay a 10% service fee plus €20 operational fee. However, you only have to pay after the product is sold. And if you sell through their consign method, you’ll only be charged a 5% service fee and a €20 operational fee.


UPDATE: Restocks might not be your best option anymore, because as of last November, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Find all the details here.


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