Holiday Heat: Travis Scott Mac Attacks Drop Finally Confirmed!

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travis-scott-mac-attackAre you still craving the Cactus Jack collabs? We get it! The thirst for Travis Scott’s kicks is never-ending! Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you! Ever since La Flame teased the coveted 1984 tennis shoes onstage during his grand appearance in the Miami Grand Prix, we’ve been on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting official info on the Travis Scott Mac Attacks! And guess what, fam? Wishes are finally answered, that’s what we call good news for both the die-hard American rapper fans and the sneakerheads out there!

But wait, there’s more to this sneaker extravaganza. While we’ve been hanging tight, the release of the latest Air Force Utopia shoes gave us a little taste of what’s to come. Scott’s also set to make this year-end the absolute best ever as he plans on dropping a Travis Scott Jordan 1 Golf this holiday season!

Quick Flashback to Previous Travis Nike Collabs

Before we start talking about the Travis Scot Mac attack, let’s rewind a bit. Over the past few years, Travis Scott’s collabs with streetwear and sneaker brands have hyped up the industry like never before. 

Scott kicked off his raid into the world of sneaker collaborations with the Nike Air Force 1, eventually moving on to the Air Jordan 4 with Jordan Brand in 2018. That same year, Scott revealed he would bring his raging design to the renowned Air Jordan 1 in the best colorway you can imagine! And so, with his signature reversed Swooshes and unique colorways, Travis Scott managed to make his designs recognized worldwide.  

Now, after several collabs, it seems that Scott will no longer be working on the iconic AJ1 model. According to Jordan Brand expert and sneaker insider @mrunloved1s, Scott is finished collaborating on the Air Jordan 1. He said, ‘I’m very clear on my wording. I said last Travis Jordan “1”. No highs, lows, mids. Fusions, interpretations, remixes. Done. On to other silos.’

Travis Scott Mac Attacks: Unmasking the Hottest Release of the Year

nike-mac-attack-travis-scottNow let’s dive into the sick details of the Travis Scott Mac Attacks. They mainly stay true to the classic silhouette, prioritizing functionality and all-day comfort. They’re a dynamic blend of his music and fashion influence.

They’ve got a sleek light grey rubber sole paired with a crisp white midsole. Up top, you can find black and grey mesh bringing in the heat. They also come with some standout grey leather overlays. But the real showstopper? That backward black Nike Swoosh. It’s a tip of the hat to Travis Scott’s Nike collabs.

Flip ’em around, and you’ll find white Nike branding and the Cactus Jack logo stitched onto the heels. As for the tongues, they’ve got that cool black and blue checkered vibe, plus a pop of red from the Nike Swoosh. In a nutshell, this is a mega mash-up of style, teaming up a fan-favorite model with a global superstar!mac-attack-travis-scott

Release Details 

Finally, we have a confirmed release date for the highly anticipated Nike Mac Attack Travis Scott. These bad boys will drop on the 19th of December! And these kicks are hitting the shelves at just $120. Now, here’s the real investment. The Travis Mac Attacks are going for a massive $1,700 on average on the resale game! Thus, ready to cash in on our extreme love for Travis Kicks and this industry?

So, here’s the deal: scoring these kicks at retail is definitely a smart move! Unless, of course, you’re cool with shelling out a couple of grand for a pair of sneakers!

How To Catch the Travis Scott Mac Attacks?

If you’re a regular on our blog, you’d know the deal by now.  So, copping a pair of kicks on Nike SNKRS is already tough on its own. Add a wild collab, like the Travis Scott Mac Attack, and you’ll feel what real heartache is. We’ve all been there, right? The heartache of missing out on a mind-blowing shoe and the sweet taste of profit from reselling,  it’s a rollercoaster! So, to try and avoid that, you better have a top-notch Nike bot, which boosts your chances of catching them Mac Attacks!

Lucky for you, we’ve got the scoop on a powerful and budget-friendly option, TSB. Your golden ticket to help you catch those highly sought-after Nike drops like a pro!  Just look at the success of the Jordan 1 Reverse Mocha. It’s not a pipe dream! For just $300 a year, you can cop kicks from 50+ regions worldwide. Also, you can score with TSB Monthly and make this December a sneaker-copping standout!

But here’s the secret sauce: You gotta pair your bot with the right proxies and Nike accounts, all while making sure you’ve got one good server. Best of luck, shit fam!


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