14-Year Wait Is Over: Jordan 12 Cherry Dropping This October!

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jordan-cherry-12Hey hey, shit fam! Ever wondered why holiday releases have us flipping like crazy?  Well, here’s the scoop! Jordan Brand is unleashing an unstoppable storm of freshness, and trust us, they ain’t hitting the brakes. We’re talking about jaw-dropping stunners like the limited Jordan 1 Satin Bred and the  OG AJ1 Celadon. Makin’ this holiday the lit-est of all! For now, a highly anticipated classic is back after a 14-year timeout! The Jordan 12 Cherry will absolutely be on the sneakerhead’s wishlist this Holiday! 

In time, let’s rewind the clock to 1997 when the Air Jordan 12 Cherry first appeared. It wasn’t until we caught a glimpse of MJ felxin’ these kicks during his fifth NBA season that they really took off like a rocket. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this iconic Jordan 12 Cherry 2023.

Unwrapping the Hyped-Up Jordan 12 Cherry

Now, let’s talk details. Just like MJ’s relentless determination on the court, the Jordan 12 technology and construction didn’t hold back. Making it one of the toughest Air Jordans ever! And you know what? Just like Michael’s unique style, the shoe’s design spoke loud and clear with a daring and captivating elegance. Presently, the Jordan 12 Cherry is making a swanky return with that OG flavor! Think red, pebbled leather mudguards, midsoles that match, shiny silver hardware, and quilted white uppers. Giving you that classic fresh look. But wait, there’s more!  This classic Cherry 12 has the crisp white “23” chillin’ on the heels, the black, white zig-zag groove on the outsole, and the tongue tag reppin’ hard. 

Missing out on this chance to own a slice of sneaker history? Not an option! Stay alarmed fam as these must-have sneakers will drop on October 28th for 225$ a pair. Thus, stay in the loop and flip on those post notifications for our shittiest blog! You’re gonna want that info flooding your feed, trust me. cherry-jordan-12

On a side note, hope you were quick on the draw and snatched up the Jordan 4 Frozen moments. If not, you might be feelin’ like you missed the bus. But hey, don’t sweat it – the world’s not ending over sneakers, right? Nike’s got a stash of surprises up its sleeve, and guess what? These surprises aren’t just for kicks, they’re for stacking up that reselling cash. Case in point: the Travis Scott Mac Attack kicks are finally confirmed to drop this holiday! And it’s basically a goldmine for resellers. Talk about a must-cop that’s gonna fill your pockets with serious profits. Also, let’s be real, who doesn’t miss those epic supreme drops? So, don’t be caught snoozing!

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Alright Fam, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we? Cast your minds back to 2009 when the Jordan 12 Cherry hit the scene at a cool $150. Fast forward to today, and this bad boy is making waves on the resale market for a whopping $800 on GOAT

As for the 2023 edition, the upcoming Air Jordan 12 Cherry will drop on October 28th, 2023 for $210. Also, this AJ12’s resale value reached $291 on the aftermarket. Now imagine locking in multiple pairs. It’s not just a chance; it’s a golden opportunity you’d be nuts to miss! However, on the release day of that Jordan 12 that we were dreaming about, everyone will go crazy! So, let’s keep it real, you’re not gonna want to roll the dice on SNKRS and take an L, right? 

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P.S. Nevertheless, we’ve got more heat coming your way this holiday. Check out the Jordan 11 DMP, A special snowflake that’s about to land like a meteor. 

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