Jordan 1 Satin Bred Returns: A Sneakerhead’s Dream Come True!

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jordan-1-satin-bredEver felt the sting of missing out on a legendary pair of kicks, shit fam? Remember the sensation that swept the sneaker world off its feet back in 2016? That’s right, it’s when team Jumpman sprinkled their magic on the iconic Air Jordan 1 “Bred” by giving it a sleek satin upper. The catch? Only about 501 lucky pairs were up for grabs, leaving countless sneaker enthusiasts. Especially the ladies, yearning for a shot at this stunning pair. Well, guess what? Jordan Brand is gearing up to give us a second chance. We’re here to talk about a twist of satin, a hint of exclusivity, and the triumphant return of the highly-coveted Jordan 1 Satin Bred. 

Read on to find out why owning that classic item before 2023 wraps up is a must!

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P.S. If you’re longing for more hot restocks, keep your eyes peeled for SNKRS DAY 2023 this September!

The Bred Phenomenon: From Banned to Coveted

Well, we’re talking about the OG kicks that defined a generation, turned heads, and even got banned from the NBA! It all started back in 1985, as it always does. MJ showed up to the NBA games wearing kicks with a rule-breaking colorway. Instead of the classic whites, he rocked a black and red pair ‘bred’, one of the most iconic Jordan colorways since then! Sneakerheads have been drooling over this color combo since forever, and the Air Jordan 1 has rocked it like a boss. Remember the sensational  Jordan 1 Patent Bred?

Now, fast forward to 2023, Jordan Brand is here to make amends! They’re re-releasing the Jordan 1 Satin Bred masterpiece, bringing joy and profit to the holiday season.

Unleash the Glam: The Jordan 1 Satin Bred Returns

Hold onto your sneakerhead hats because the Jordan 1 Satin Bred is back and bolder than ever! Instead of regular leather, this version is crafted from luxurious soft satin material, which gives it a distinct and special texture. Moreover, the Satin Bred Jordan 1 sole maintains a close resemblance to the original design, featuring a white central portion and a red base that harmonizes with the shoe’s overall look. It’s a women-exclusive remake, and it’s really stylish!

Mark your calendars, as the Jordan 1 Satin Bred will release on October 18. Retailing at $180 for adults,$85 for GS, and $70 for kids. This is an expense that your wallet will surely approve of.

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