A Yeezy Third Sale 2023 is Here to Stir Some Pots

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Rumors of a Yeezy third sale happening this holiday season 2023 are going around like crazy. I know what you’re thinking, “Yeezys? Again? Have we nothing better to discuss already?” Well, no one puts together a better show than Kanye West himself. Although, this show has had one hell of a ripple effect, and it seems to be haunting us.
While Ye was off in sock-land, Adidas kept selling those Yeezys like there’s no tomorrow. “Screw the drama, we’ve got sneakers to sell!” And, lo and behold, in the midst of all this sneaker-ish circus shit, the brand kept on slinging their kicks and proving that even when things get a bit, well, shoe-tastrophic, the show must go on.

yeezy third sale

First and Second Wave of Yeezy Sales

Kanye West’s Yeezy journey has been a real rollercoaster ride. Almost like a never-ending rabbit hole of drama. Except there are no cute rabbits, and we’re getting real tired.
From his early dreams of crafting high-end kicks to the crazy success and endless hype drops, it was all smooth sailing until Ye’s not-so-politically-correct comments sent Adidas slamming the brakes on their partnership.
So far this year, Adidas has had two highly successful Yeezy shoe sales. They began with a successful launch in May 2023. And later continued with another strong rollout over the whole month of August.
These releases featured highly sought-after sneakers, including the “Blue Tint” Yeezy 350, reminiscent of the popular “Zebra” design, and the classic OG Yeezy 700 “Wave Runner.”
During the August 2023 Yeezy sale, Adidas featured a wide range of new sneaker color variations and previously unseen designs. Including nearly half a dozen releases, we were shocked to see them all sell out instantly.

A third Yeezy Sale is in the Works!

After those huge sales, several beloved Yeezy footwear styles remained unreleased. These include various marble-patterned Slides we’ve seen on sneaker leaker platforms in recent months.
So, it’s safe to say that there’s still more to come. According to sneaker enthusiasts eagerly awaiting new Yeezy releases, there appears to be a third Yeezy sale in the works.
It’s important to note that this is purely speculative, as Adidas hasn’t provided any official comments regarding potential future launches. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the circulating rumors that Adidas is considering another Yeezy stock sale during the 2023 holiday season, possibly in November or December.

Kanye-Adidas Shitshow

Kanye “Ye” West’s involvement with Adidas YEEZY sales has become more distant, which may not come as a surprise given Adidas’ public distancing from him after his anti-Semitic remarks in late 2022. Despite Adidas’s CEO’s latest comments about Ye.
Additionally, Ye himself has shown a lack of interest in sneakers, as he has been spotted wearing only socks during his extended international vacation with his wife, Bianca Censori. (Please don’t turn this into a never-ending eye-sore of a trend, too.)

Given Ye’s current preference for socks, it’s not surprising that his in-house Yeezy footwear designs seem to be moving towards comfortable, laceless slip-on styles. Keep in mind that while Adidas is no longer officially collaborating with Ye, he still receives a portion of the proceeds from Adidas’ remaining YEEZY shoe sales.

And even though Adidas pledged to donate parts of the proceeds to anti-hate charities, they’re clearly the 1st to benefit from these sales. Especially after that sales plunge they had earlier this year.
Speculation aside, numerous leaked Yeezys and Slides have yet to see an official release even after two extensive Adidas sales. This strongly suggests that there is a significant amount of unsold shit remaining.
I mean, can we please move on to something else already?

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