Kickin’ It Old School: The Best Dad Shoes To Flex In 2023!

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Y’all know those chunky-soled, plain-colored, and solid-heeled kicks? Yes, these are dad shoes for you fam! Now, whatever you may think of them, know they’ve been taking over sneaker trends lately! They’re literally the iconic sneakers of this age. And of course, their hype didn’t go unnoticed by sneaker giants, such as Nike and Adidas. So, whether you’re on a budget or wanna spend some serious money on a pair of kicks, you can go with dad shoes either way. Because you got brands like New Balance that sell some fairly affordable sneakers, and then you got high-end brands like Balenciaga selling a pair of simple runners for $1k+. So, let’s check out what are the best dad shoes out there together, shall we?


What Are Dad Shoes? 

As we mentioned before, dad shoes are chunky sneakers with some real arch support that doesn’t hurt your back if you stand for a long time over that barbecue grill… So, comfort is the main reason people wear them. What’s more, these kicks usually have a white leather or a grey mesh base. Pretty simple, innit? They also were usually what most middle-aged men and dads wore back then, and thus how the title got stuck with them! They were often described as “ugly sneakers.” But now things changed, as you can now see. Teenagers, middle-aged people, and individuals from different genders are flexing so-called dad shoes these days! 

But what exactly triggered this change of heart you may ask? More like, what brand? That would be nonother than New Balance for you peeps! And one of the first shoes that contributed to that change in perspective is the New Balance 624. It’s actually a classic, many dads been flexing for a very long time. However, since we live in a world where a social media influencer can change people’s perspective of what to classify as trendy and whatnot, NB 624’s demand went sky-high. Brands began designing “chunky sneakers” and voila! Dad shoes became fashion lovers’ favorite! 

What Are The Best Dad Shoes Out There?

Thing is, nowadays, chunky shoes are endless. So technically, there ain’t one best dad shoe out there. It all depends on preferences and people’s views. That’s why we picked one pair from the several well-known sneaker brands. But keep in mind that the order in this list is perfectly random. This being said, shall we dive into them deets?

Nike Air Monarch IV 

Let’s start with Nike’s best dad shoes, Nike Air Monarch IV. The sneaker giant did well with this one. Whether you wanna boost your barbecue game, go on a road trip, or even have everyday kicks you wanna depend on, these training shoes were specifically designed for you. They got a comfortable pillowy feel to them due to the Air cushioning technology. And the best part is that their design is a mix of streetwear and training kicks! They’re also pretty affordable, selling at $75 on


Adidas Strutter

Adidas Strutter is another pair that falls under the best dad shoes category. If you’re a fan of NMDs, then you’re at the right place. Because this Adidas pair is a mix between both NMD and dad shoes. You got the dope style of NMDs and the comfort of chunky sneakers. That’s one perfect combo if you ask us. You can find it on for only $65.


New Balance 624 

Third on the list but first in chunky sneakers’ history book and dads’ heart, we got the NB 624. Being the brand that sent the concept of dad shoes to reach every corner of the globe. So, some consider the New Balance 624 sneaker the ultimate dad-wear! Although it got a vintage look to it, the technology used is as modern as shit gets. NB uses injection-molded EVA foam in designing the midsole, which offers great comfort due to the flexible cushioning the IMEVA offers. And just like the Nike pair, you can buy the kicks off for nearly $75


Adidas Yeezy Boost 700

We all know how much effort Kanye West used to put into his designs. And the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 tells no different truth. Chunky soles and shock-absorbent rubber on the outsoles give a whole new definition of what comfort is. Wave Runner Adidas Yeezy Boost 700, in particular, is every sneaker collector’s dream, since the brand dropped it as a surprise release back in 2017. It’s sad that we ain’t getting no Yeezys anymore. Those rumors really had our hopes up, but it looks like not much is happening anytime soon! Anyway, if you wanna catch these kicks, you can buy them off StockX for an average of $360, since YeezySupply is no more, you know. Yes, that’s sneaker resale for ya peeps. Now, since we mentioned StockX, if you ever mess up an order, here’s a guide on how to cancel it


Asics Gel-Kayano 14

Last but not least, we got the Asics Gel-Kayano 14 sneaker. If you haven’t heard of that name before, it’s designed by a Japanese brand, asics. However, Gel-Kayano 14 model is the result of a JJJJound x asics collab. And it’s one of the hottest dad shoes currently trending! You can find it on for $150.


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