3 Guaranteed Sneaker Trends To Slay Your Way Into 2023!

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sneaker-trends-2023New year, new sneaks! Today it’s all about sneaker trends y’all. We know how hard it is to give up them sacred shoes that have memorized every inch of each road you’ve walked on. So, if you wanna look like you know shit about fashion, you gotta make the sacrifice of giving your old kicks up. Sadly! But it’s for a good cause, promise. And in case you made no resolutions this year, let’s help you with that. As a first step, let’s help you stay à la mode, then show you the ropes to becoming a certified sneakerhead!

However, you must know that although the sneaker and fashion worlds are two peas in a pod, they need different kinds of skills. How’s that? Well, you could know all deets regarding the latest arrivals and designer models dropping. But you don’t give the aftermarket much thought. And when it comes to sneaker trends 2023, that thing matters more than you’d ever know. So, to find out what you should buy and what you should disregard, stick with us as we’ll make things simple for ya! But before you do so, check out our kicktionary to make sure you know your sneaker lingo!

Sneaker Trends 2023 Guide: Let’s Keep Shit Fashionable Sneakerheads

Let’s start 2023 fresh, dress to the nines, and not fall victim to fashion and some sneaker trends. These days sneakerheads are prioritizing comfort over style. But if they found both in a pair, they’d be hitting the jackpot. This way, we can tell you that the common thing the following kicks got is style and comfort. Because let’s be honest, you’d curse fashion if your feet keep hurting and ruining your day. We know we would! You must also note that there are kicks to suit each of y’all’s tastes! Now, let’s check out them sneakers and kickstart this year the right way! 

1- Sustainable Sneakers 

Vegan ain’t a term only used to describe a kind of diet anymore. Peeps be looking for this word in the sneaker industry as well. Cause-related marketing is the new flex these days. Vegan shoe designs are trending more than ever. It ain’t the 70s no more, where a shoe made out of real animal skin is what attracts customers. On the contrary, this shit makes people cringe now. To the point that some cause-supporting foundations file lawsuits against such companies. So, now when sneakerheads read that the kicks they’re buying are produced from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, they’d be more into buying the pair than ever before. 

Sneaker giants, Nike and Adidas started adopting environmentally friendly sneaker trends. The former got us having mixed feelings as it came up with the dopest trashiest collab. It’s the design in which the Swoosh took its respect for the environment to a whole new level. You can check it out here

2- Chunky Soles, Orrr … Their Very Extreme!

Dad shoes, chunky sneakers, ugly sneakers, or whatever the heck you wanna call them, are the it in 2023 sneaker trends! They became casual wear for many and they now dominate social media. So, to say that New Balance been enjoying the limelight would be an understatement. As the ultimate brand for dad shoes, its sales on StockX skyrocketed by the end of 2022. An NB pair even made it on 2022’s best-selling shoes list! This takes us back to questioning whether New Balance will be dominating the market soon. Sneaker trends do change at a rate of knots, but so do brands’ rankings on the aftermarket! 

Now you wouldn’t think Nike would let such a sneaker trend slip through its fingers, would ya? The swoosh dropped its version of chunky shoes in collaboration with one of its best partners: Off White. The brand dropped its Terra Forma collection at the end of December 2022 to give sneakerheads a chance to kick off 2023 the right way! 

However, shit ain’t only about chunky soles. Lowkey-classic soccer silhouettes are stealing the show as post-World Cup hype. Exactly like Messi’s jersey did! Mainly Adidas Sambas. And you know how celebrities are the cause of most trends’ hype. Things ain’t any different here. After celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were spotted flexing them kicks, their sales on StockX shot like never before!

3- Colorways And Emerging Brands

If you take a look at the 2023 Jordan lineup, or 2022’s best-selling list mentioned above, you’d notice that most colors dominating are muted and lowkey. Now we know that black and white is the shit that never runs outta style, but the fashion world now heads towards simplicity. 

However, there are certain black-and-white kicks named pandas, that tired some peeps out ’cause of their constant restocks. To the extent that some humans say that their hype died out and don’t categorize them as trendy anymore. But did they really die out? They literally sell out in a matter of minutes upon every drop. Or Nike wouldn’t have bothered in another restock parade, ya know! 

All in all, sneaker trends change on daily basis. And what’s changing faster than you would’ve ever thought is how fast some new brands can take over the industry. This way, we can say that we should keep ourselves up-to-date with what’s emerging and what’s dying out in the industry so we know what to invest in and what to disregard. So, if you’re interested in keeping up with all the news and sneaker releases, you can check out our blog! This way you can learn all about the botting game and become a real-life sneakerhead! 


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