Black Ambush AF1: Black & White Is Seasonless And Ageless Shit!

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black-ambush-af12023 is on fire y’all! Nike’s been dropping one dope sneaker after the other. Now, we can’t say we’re complaining. Not in the least! The latest of these hot drops is a Black Ambush AF1. The Swoosh has been practicing balance well these days. It be designing the best sneakers on the market one moment while filing lawsuits the other!

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Black Ambush AF1: You Can Never Go Wrong With A Classic Look!

You thought shit would stop with the Green and Blue Ambush AF1s didn’t ya? Well, you thought wrong! To all Nike x AMBUSH fans, good news is here. You’ll get to add the White and Black Ambush AF1 to your collection as well. 

Black Ambush AF1 features a premium leather base with black overlays. Signature white oversized Swooshes take over the sides of these AF1s, contrasting against the Black in the best way. You can never go wrong with Black x White styles. But a Black and White Air Force 1 adds a touch of uniqueness to what you thought was ordinary. White AMBUSH and Swoosh brandings take place on the tongues. Both pairs have 3D-printed AMBUSH logos on the heels, as well as “AF-1”  3D lace dubraes. Finally, these kicks will come in co-branded packaging. 


All We Know About ‘Em Kicks!

Both White and Black Ambush AF1 will debut on February 28, 2023, for a retail of $190. They’re currently reselling for an average of $275 and 273, respectively. So, reselling them would be a pretty good investment if you ask us! And let’s just say that whether you’re in it for the flex or the flip, you gotta decide if you wanna risk it all and get the kicks for resale. With StockX removing authentication tags and Nike accusing it of selling ripoffs, shit surely doesn’t look as promising as it did before. So what do y’all do in this case? 

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