Nike ISPA Mindbody: A Trashy Look For The Books!

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nike-ispa-mindbodyPre-distressed sneakers? More like prehistoric shoes! That’s how we’d describe Nike ISPA Mindbody. And if you were ever worried about getting your shoes dirty, with the Mindbody, you won’t have to worry about that ever again. Leveling up your shoecare and cleanliness game! Kicks already look like they took a dive in the trash anyway! Positiveness is key peeps. 

Distressed sneakers have always been a controversial subject. But when luxurious brands, like Balenciaga, do that boundary-pushing and get the hype they want, other brands tend to follow suit. The rise of the vintage trend also helps the case. You now see yellowing soles, cracked leather, and roughened-up sneakers in most collections.    

All About Nike’s ISPA Program 

Nearly every industry is aware of climate change and its negative impact on the environment. The sneaker industry is one of those industries. For this reason, Nike took the initiative back in 2018 to introduce its ISPA program in support of this same cause. Broken down, ISPA stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt. This program prioritizes sustainability and respect for the environment. And in order to achieve that, Nike had to follow the circular design process. It’s practically using recyclable materials to produce new products. So, the program is all about producing sneakers without glue or cement for future disassembly. This decreases waste as these same shoes can be broken down into recyclable scrapes at the end of their lifespan. Leaving fewer carbon footprints behind. 

Nike ISPA Mindbody: Surviving Apocalyses In Style! 

The Swoosh has been taking its ISPA philosophy quite literally. Especially that scavenging part. Nike ISPA Mindbody looks like it survived an apocalypse with burnt traces on the uppers and a rusted finish on the outsoles. Box-fresh destroyed-looking shoes. That’s how you’d describe the shoes upon a first look. They come lookin’ as if they survived a war zone. 

Let’s get more into the specifics of the design. So, the Mindbody will come covered in different hues of brown. The fly-knit uppers look like they’ve been through quite a lot. The sneaker looks so upcycled that you can see the pieces linked together ain’t really… fitting, to say the least. And leaving the best till last, chunky outsoles add to the shoe’s “aesthetic”- if there’s any. The platforms of the outsoles include uneven details that’ll deeply hurt every perfectionist’s heart.


What Do We Know About Nike ISPA Mindbody?

Nike ISPA Mindbody is gonna drop on February 24, 2023. It’ll also retail for $180. Now, trashy talk aside, this is fashion, and Nike’s moving along with it. One proof is them kicks being exclusive and causing such hype. Sneakerheads nowadays not only care about the style alone but also about the expected resale value. Which is an average of $298

So, as the resale value is high, demand will be even higher. And buying them wouldn’t be that easy. Well, it is, as long as you got a kick-ass SNKRS bot, like TSB, by your side. Your chances at catching Ws would be sky-high, unlike your chances if you cop manually. That shit is a recipe for disappointments. Good luck shitfam!

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