Sneaker Care Tips to Protect Your Kicks the Right Way [How to]

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You have a Jordan 1 you’d like to keep in tip-top shape? Love your pair of beaters and wanna make sure they stay in good condition? You’ve come to the right place fam. These straight-to-the-point sneaker care tips will totally come in handy many times! When you give your sneakers the care and maintenance they deserve, the kicks will give back. And honestly, squeaky clean shoes are always in. So let’s get down to business and clean some kicks! But if have your eyes on some cool kicks, here’s where you can buy Nikes.

tips-on-sneaker-careOwn Them Kicks First!

Before we even get to the scrubbing and washing, you need to get the sneakers you want. You won’t be able to clean anything without one of the best Nike Bots to support you! Luckily, TSB is the best out there. From light morning breakfast to a whole day feast, TSB’s got it all for you. Covering 50+ countries worldwide, The Shit Bot can help you cop all the Nikes you want instantly and effortlessly. Want to get in on sneaker reselling and not just cleaning? Here are a few secrets that’ll help you along the way.

Sneaker Care Isn’t for the Light-hearted!


For starters, we’ve got different types of material, and we’ll go over them all. We’ve got leather, suede, and knit uppers. If you own and wanna own any of these, better listen carefully fam. But whatever the material, you’ll need some type of sneaker cleaning kit. Things like Crep, Sneaker Aid, Jason Markk, Reshoevn8r, and stuff like that. You can look for things depending on your budget and requirements.

Remove the Laces and the Big Dirt

Your first focus should be on the big solid first stains if there are any. You can use a special sneaker brush or toothbrush to remove the dirt from the kicks and laces. Now you can remove the laces and take special care of them. To wash your laces, soak them in a bowl of water and laundry detergent. You can use a tiny bit of bleach for white laces, but it can make them weak in the long run. Once you’re done with the cleaning process, make sure you leave the laces to air dry.

Clean the Upper

sneaker-cleaning-materialLeather Upper: Leather is pretty simple to handle. Dip the sneaker brush in hot water and add the cleaning solution. Scrub the upper, gently though, until it’s all bubbly. You can do the same for the midsole! When you’re done scrubbing, wipe the shoe with a towel to remove the soap and leave it to air dry. 

Suede Upper: Golden rule here? Suede no likey water. Water could damage the suede sometimes, and so we dry-clean! Brush the upper in one direction to remove the dirt, and use a suede eraser for deeper stains.

Knit Upper: The most important thing here is to NOT use a hard brush because it could snag the knitting! Instead, use a softer brush and a lighter touch while scrubbing. Finally, gently remove the excess foam with a soft towel, and voilà!

Extra Tip: You did that drill multiple times now and your kicks aren’t very clean? Then maybe it’s time to get a new pair fam!

Protecting Your Shoes Is Also Sneaker Care!

weatherproof-sneakersCleaning your sneakers is very important in the sneaker care process. But there are some other tricks you can do to preserve the kicks you love so much.

Weather-Proof Your Kicks

Never skip this; you never know how hard the weather could be on your sneakers regardless of the material. But we’d totally recommend spraying your beaters with protective sprays. Make sure you choose the best one for the type of upper you got.

Don’t Always Wear The Same Pair

Easier said than done huh? We all fall down the rabbit hole of sticking to the same pair of sneakers for the longest time. I’m guilty of that too… But think of it that way, you’re protecting your favorite pair and giving other sneakers room to breathe!

Store. Them. Well.

sneaker-care-tips-good-storageCan we underline this, please? Although that Nike SB Dunks shoebox looks awesome, it’s not the best place to keep the kicks. Well, unless you’re flipping them soon, no need to go through the hassle! But if you’re in it for the flex, you’ll need a long-term solution homie.

Ziploc Bags: It’s a pretty cool solution if you want an air-sealed result, but it probably won’t really help with the yellowing of the ice soles. It could slow it down though. Saran Wrap apparently helps with the yellowing. So if you’ve got nothing to lose, give it a try!

Plastic Boxes: If you want your sneakers to be extra organized, plastic containers are the way to go. Better store the kicks in a cool dark place though; plastic and sun aren’t the best combo ya know. An additional pro of these boxes is that they’re easily instagrammable! Meaning, they’re pretty photogenic!

All Ready for That Wear and Sneaker Care!

Now that you’ve got your sneaker care ABCs, you can rest easy and flex them kicks! And if you’re looking to flex your sneaker collection, we’ll. say it again, GET. YOURSELF. A. BOT! Whether you got your eyes on one of the best Jordans, Dunks, or collabs, here’s a list of places to find sneaker bots for sale. And another one if you’re working with macOS. Good luck fam!

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