Travis Scott Sneakers: Hype to High-Tops, Here’s Every Banger!

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Remember when Cactus Jack dropped ‘I’m The Highest In The Room’? Well, he wasn’t kidding! In today’s sneaker game, few names carry the same weight as Travis Scott. He’s not just part of the hype, he is the HYPE! This hip-hop sensation has captivated every sneakerhead out there, leaving an undeniable influence. With a cool $80M net worth, La Flame’s empire extends beyond music to his iconic sneaker collabs. And let’s be real, the Nike Travis Scott sneakers are the biggest deal! In fact, in a recent Triple H interview with Complex, they even hinted at Travis being more important than MJ himself for the Swoosh! Travis Scott Collabs

Travis Scott Collabs: A Heck Of An Archive

Travis Scott collabs are hotter than hotcakes! Whether it’s their scarcity, Travis’s music cred, or his famous connections, his kicks are always in demand. In fact, Scott’s vibe can turn a basic backpack into a must-have item. It’s like his swag rubs off on everything, instantly making it cool and highly sought after.

Although it’s all about his Nike sneakers these days, Travis has dipped his toes into other collabs since 2013, like Reebok. And let’s not forget his deals with McDonald’s, PlayStation, and Fortnite. Basically, these gigs aren’t just for show; they’re serious money-makers. In fact, his McDonald’s meal reportedly scored him a staggering $20 million! And with Fortnite, the superstar earned another $20 million!

Travis Scott Sneakers: Too Hot To Handle!

The Travis Scott Nike collab brings in a whopping $10 million in revenue EVERY year! These kicks aren’t just setting records on the SNKRS app but also capturing hearts!

So, it all began with the Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 back in 2017. Since then, we’ve been blessed with absolute fire releases, the envy of every sneakerhead!

Nike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott SailNike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott Sail

Release Date: August, 2018
Retail Price $150
AVG Resale: $2,250

The Air Force 1 was the sneaker that put La Flame on the map worldwide! Seriously, it’s like a badge of honor. Sporting that killer sail color, it’s like gold dust – everybody wants it. But with Nike cutting down on Air Force 1s, brace yourself for this Travis Scott kick to rocket sky-high even more!

Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus JackJordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack

Release Date: June, 2018
Retail Price $225
AVG Resale: $1,535

Snatching the title for 2023’s top sneaker, the Jordan 4 is now with the Jordan 1! Picture that with Travis’s name attached – talk about a jaw-dropper! But wait, there’s more! Travis also blessed us with the F&F Olive and Purple suede colorways, fetching a cool $26K on the resell market!

Jordan 1 Travis Scott Mocha

(High)Jordan 1 Travis Scott Mocha high

Release Date: May, 2019
Retail Price $175
AVG Resale: $1,398

(Low)Jordan 1 Travis Scott Mocha low

Release Date: July, 2019
Retail Price $130
AVG Resale: $1,914

Before the olive Travis madness kicked in back in 2023, sneakerheads and trendsetters alike were all obsessing over the mocha swag! Indeed, these kicks were making waves in the pop world, becoming the epitome of desire.

Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott 

Release Date: February 2020
Retail Price $150
AVG Resale: $3,150

Nike Dunks reign supreme in the sneaker game! Indeed, they’re the cash cows, the champions of collabs, and the canvas for the most innovative designs. So, when Travis steps into the Dunk game, you know it’s about to get LIT! These rare dunks are pure flames!

Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment

(High)Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment high

Release Date: July, 2021
Retail Price: $200
AVG Resale: $1521

(Low)Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment low

Release Date: August, 2021
Retail Price: $150
AVG Resale: $996

A threesome we all want in on! When you’ve got street icon Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nike, and Travis in the mix, you know you’re in for something mind-blowing! And that’s exactly what went down with these flyest blue Jordans ever!

Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott Reverse MochaJordan 1 Low Travis Scott Reverse Mocha

Release Date: July, 2022
Retail Price: $150
AVG Resale: $1,421

These Jordan 1s broke records for the highest SNKRS entry ever! Indeed, these kicks were real head-turners!

Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott Black PhantomJack Cactus Jordan 1 Low Black Phantom

Release Date: December, 2022
Retail Price $150
AVG Resale: $809

This Black pair is a must-have! Basically, what sets apart the Travis Jordan 1 Phantom is its sleek monochrome design with unique color blocking. But don’t be fooled, these kicks are far from dull! The white stitching adds a pop, breathing life into the upper. And with signature touches everywhere, like the bee embroidery paying homage to Stormi, these Travis Scott sneakers are simply fab!

Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott OliveJack Cactus Jordan 1 Low Olive

Release Date: April 2023
Retail Price: $150
AVG Resale: $680

Introducing the pair that ignited the Travis olive craze! Indeed, it’s like this colorway became Travis’s all-time favorite overnight! A prime example is his latest project, the Jordan Travis Black Olive. In fact, these highly anticipated Travis Scott Nike shoes are setting the bar for coolness!

Jordan 1 Travis Scott  Golf Neutral OliveTravis Jordan 1 low golf neutral olive

Release Date: October 2023
Retail Price: $170
AVG Resale: $753

It’s clear that this silhouette is Travis’s go-to! Unlike previous drops where we’d focus on colorways, the Jordan 1 Low Golf stands out with subtle changes to its familiar upper. Moreover, when these Golf Travis shoes launched, Nike enforced strict rules on SNKRS, prioritizing golfers, adding to its exclusivity!

Jordan Jumpman Jack Travis Scott 

(University Red)Jordan Jumpman Jack University Red

Release Date: April 26, 2024
Retail Price: $200
AVG Resale: $1,800


Release Date: April 30, 2024
Retail Price: $200
AVG Resale: $2,800

Travis Scott’s first signature kicks, the Jumpman Jacks, were absolute steals! The teaser video on Instagram, starring Travis himself, was a moment to remember. So, these Travis shoes dropped in limited numbers during the Grammy Awards, but even without taking home a trophy, Travis gave sneakerheads a win. Now, they’re making a comeback in April, in two dope colorways: Sail & University Red. These Nike Travis shoes ranked in the top dogs for resale in 2024, so don’t miss out on this chance to cop a pair and flip ’em for some serious cash!

Jordan 1 Travis Scott CanaryTravis Jordan 1 low canary 2024

Release Date: May 25, 2024
Retail Price: $150
AVG Resale: $1,800

Just when we thought Travis had moved on from the Jordan 1s, bam! These epic Travis Nike shoes hit the scene! Surprisingly, no earthly tones here, just a pure nod to La Flame’s Elkins High School. Lucky us, these kicks are dropping soon and already causing a frenzy in the aftermarket. So, don’t sleep on this feast of a release!

Travis Shoes Nike Shoes: The Treats Just Keep On Coming!

So, the dynamic duo isn’t slowing down! With more Jumpman Jack colorways on the way and whispers of a low-top Pale Vanilla Jordan and another Black Olive, the hype train of the Travis Scott sneakers just keeps chugging along! 

Therefore, if you missed out before and don’t want to break the bank on the aftermarket, the opportunity is right in front of you! But you also know these drops aren’t a walk in the park on SNKRS! Therefore, make sure you’ve got all the basics you need for a copping experience filled with Ws! One last thing, for more sneaker news and botting guides, be sure to check out our ultimate blog. Catch you later, fam!

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