Jordan 3 White Cement: Vintage Twists Never Looked This Good!

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jordan-3-white-cementOh, how we love us some new Jordan drops. But new Jordans with Reimagined colorways hits the jackpot different! Wondering what silhouette we’re talking about today? It’s nonother than Jordan 3 White Cement or Jordan 3 Reimagined. Whatever you wanna call it. It wouldn’t seem any less dope either way! So, know your kicktionary well, and let’s get going to gather all the deets about this new release! 

How about a lil stop before we take that dive into all the important info? You gotta know that part of being a certified sneakerhead ain’t only memorizing silhouette names. But y’all gotta look it as well! And to do that you’ll need to flex ‘em hyped kicks the right way. How? Well, easy steps. Lace’em up like the pro you are. Then make sure you keep them as squeaky clean as possible. And while doing that, remember that drying kicks got their own special techniques. Learn all about them here

Air Jordan 3 White Cement Be Looking Like 1988’s Long-Lost Twin

Jordan Brand is bringing its iconic colorway back, White Cement, in celebration of Air Jordan 3’s 35th anniversary. And yes peeps, we’re getting all that vintage-looking shit! So, let’s see what to expect together! 

Being part of the Reimagined series, the upcoming Air Jordan 3 White Cement will feature a vintage and aged look. Just like the Jordan 1 Lost and Found that dropped back in November. Now that we think about it, let’s hope we get no mold-issue surprises as we did with the Chicago pair. We sure as shit got enough issues on our hands to last us a lifetime!

Anyway, these kicks will feature Cement Grey, Summit White, Black, and Fire Red color schemes. And just like the 1988 pair, these joints take on white leather uppers. While the design’s signature elephant print takes over the toes and heels. And to give that original vibe, leather will receive that “cracked” treatment. But fact is, material is much improved than that of the original pair. Now, no design is ever complete without a splash of a signature vibrant color! And here them splashes fall on the lower eyelets, insoles, and Jumpman logos on the tongues. Finishing up the look are yellowed midsoles to boost that aged effect!


Release Deets 

Air Jordan 3 White Cement will drop on March 11, 2023. It will also retail for $210… Looks like we still don’t need to worry about inflation just yet. But what y’all gotta worry about is getting them $210 ready ‘cause resale is in literal flames! These joints are reselling for an average of $500 a pair on the aftermarket! You can take a moment to imagine how much money that’ll make you if you manage to cop multiples! 

How To Score The New Air Jordan 3 Reimagined?

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