Jordan 1 Reimagined Chicagos: So Glad We Found You Now!

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jordan-1-reimagined-tsbLost and found boxes always had the weirdest shit whenever you’re trying to find something you actually lost. But we wish we’d find today’s pair in one of these random a$$ boxes! Instead, we’ll have to line up on Nike SNKRS hoping to catch Ws. If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, let us introduce you to the new Jordan 1 Reimagined. It’s all the shit we love about OGs and then some more! But in the meantime, check out the sick collaborative Neckface Nike SB Dunk Low because it’s a must-have.

Jordan 1 Reimagined “Lost and Found” with Chicago Feels!

Ok but we gotta give it to Jordan Brand because they always find a new way to present the same thing to us. They always play the sentimental card on us, and we totally buy that shit every time! Otherwise, this new pair wouldn’t shine this bright, right? Don’t get us wrong, we live for shit like that and probably always will. You know, once a sneakerhead, always a sneakerhead!

Of course, we can’t be in our feels and not drag y’all with us. The new kicks are, just like their name, a reimagination of the classic Air Jordan 1 Chicago. So in the big scheme of things, the color blocking of the kicks is the same. But we all know that the devil is in the details, and this time it’s in the best way possible! Instead of the usual black leather collar and white leather base, we got cracking leather. It’s basically how an aging pair of 80s Js would look. In fact, the nylon tongues and ‘85-like toebox are a direct nod to these babies.

Some Extra Deets That Spiced Up This Release!

You see, it’s not just the shoe that qualifies as a collector’s item. Jordan Brand even went out of its way to give us seriously vintage packaging. From the vintage receipt and shoebox to the newspaper-like wrapping paper, this packaging wins. That shit is actually inspired by mom-and-pop shops where you could probably find Js in DS state! And if you’re not familiar with what DS is, it’s probably time to check out our kicktionary.


So What Do We Know About Jordan 1 Reimagined?

Besides all the cool shit this pair is serving, you should know the whens and wheres of it all. So Jordan 1 Reimagined, or Lost and Found, will drop on November 19, 2022. It’ll cost you $180 in retail since Air Jordan prices are hiking up! But a $10 increase is nothing when you compare it to the profit you can make off of these joints. You see, you can flip them for $1,415 on average, so do the math!

Wanna Know How to Catch Ws on This Drop?

A pair with profit like that will be pretty hard to cop once, let alone do that shit multiple times! But if you wanna have good odds at copping in bulk on Nike SNKRS, you’ll need a Nike bot. A bot like TSB will give you the best chances at pooping like there’s no tomorrow! It supports 50+ regions, so wherever you are in the world, you can try copping. Just get yourself the best proxies and Nike accounts, and you’re good to go. But remember, a bot can boost your chances; it won’t guarantee that you’ll always successfully cook. Good luck fam!

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