Neckface Nike SB Dunk Low Brings Out the Edgy Kid in Us!

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neckface-nike-sb-dunk-lowArt, art, art. That shit always has a place in the sneaker industry. And if you think about it more, some sneakers seriously qualify as works of art. But now, we’re legit gonna talk about an artistic collab! If you’re into street art, these babies will be right down your alley. So, let’s check out the new Neckface Nike SB Dunk Low and the reasons you need it in your life! But before you get all invested, make sure you check out the October Jordan lineup; totally worth it. And if you’re already in a spooky mood already, these Halloween kicks will make your life a bit better!

Neckface 101: Everything You Need to Know!

Before we get into the new collaboration, we gotta get to know the collaborator in question. So Neckface is a semi-anonymous street artist who made it big with his graffiti art! His style is “naïve” and “humorous,” yet his art features a lot of violence and medieval scaries-type shit. So mix these two, and you get some really dope art! Now, we don’t know the artist’s real name, but we know that he’s currently in LA. And his artwork took him all over the world and all the way to art galleries because why not?

His art also scored him a collaboration with Nike, and we know they’re always looking for the next cool thing! So in 2013, Nike partnered with Neckface on two pairs of kicks: a Nike SB Dunk High and a Nike Blazer Mid. The kicks obviously reflect the artist’s style with the graffiti-like texts all over the uppers. And today, the only way you can get your hands on these babies is through the resale market, so good luck!

Neckface Nike SB Dunk Low: They Be Edgy Edgy!

Almost 10 years after their original collaboration, we’re getting a new Neckface Nike SB Dunk Low collab! This time though, the upper itself is plain black, but all the action is going on on top of it. You see, we’re gonna get some really cool patch illustrations all over the upper. They all feature Neckface’s signature style. We go skulls, snakes, ghouls, and demons, aka the perfect scary combo! It also brings out the edge kid inside of us all, and we don’t really mind that!


All the Neckface Nike SB Dunk Low Deets

There’s no exact date for this drop, but rumor has it the kicks will drop sometime during October 2022. So far, they’re gonna be exclusive to skate shops, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a Nike drop fam! And if these babies are as exclusive as they sound, they’ll be worth every penny if you flip them. So if at some point the kicks do come to Nike SNKRS, you’ll need to keep your eyes open and your Nike bot ready. Otherwise, you’ll probably kiss your cooking chances goodbye. 

So make sure you’re always ready with one of the best Nike bots around: TSB! Whether you want these babies or anything else, TSB can help you out fam. Who knows? This might be your ticket into the sneaker reselling market and lots-o-money! Our users have been copping kicks like there’s no tomorrow in different regions. And with 50+ regions covered, odds are, you’ll also be able to join the W ranks. You can check it all out here before you dive in headfirst! Good luck!

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