Halloween Sneakers 2022: Puttin’ Some Spirit(s) into Kicks!

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halloween-sneakers-2022You didn’t think spooky season would roll around without us being ready for it, did you? And you might think you’re too old for trick or treating, but you’re really not. Who even says no to free candy? Anyway, we ain’t gonna get carried away with the sweets because we have other treats to check out! The Halloween sneakers 2022 has to offer are pretty spooky on the down-low, aka nightmare fuel. So let’s check out the kicks you’ll wanna cop and celebrate spooktober in! Oh, and if you want a hot list of kicks, check out this October’s Jordan lineup; you won’t regret it.

Halloween Sneakers 2022: Have a Very Spooky Holiday!

Before we start with the new kicks, we’d like to take a look at some iconic previous Halloween sneakers. The one that haunts our dreams will always be the Freddy Krueger Nike Dunk. If you don’t know the story of this almost mythical pair, check it out here! And you can always get the Freddy Krueger Air Max 95 to ease the pain fam. Now, for a full rundown of awesome spooky kicks, click here. Anyway, the past has passed, and now we’re off to the best Halloween sneakers 2022 has in store!

Nike Dunk Low Patent: You Wanna Smash Some Pumpkins?

This pair is literally the most poppin’ out of the new 2022 Halloween sneakers. With the white upper and orange patent leather overlays, the kicks are sure gonna draw some eyes. Either way, you’ll want in on it, and if you wanna know more, read this. What you absolutely need to know though is that the kicks will drop sometime in October 2022 for $120


Nike Air Presto: Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled Up the Sneaker Soles

Why Spiders? Why couldn’t it be “Follow the butterflies”? If you’re afraid of nature’s architects, then you better skip this pair of sneakers! Why? Because every time you’re gonna look at these babies, you’ll think there’s a real spider on it! This Nike Air Presto features a pretty simple grey upper with deets in a slimy shade of green. But that’s not the best part of the sneakers.


You see, underneath the translucent part of the kicks, you’ll see the shadow of a big a$$ spider! Nothing screams spooky (literally) more than a spider on your kicks, right? And on the heel, the Nike branding gets a freaky long shadow that we’re gonna revisit in a bit! Now, if these joints sound like something you’d cop, keep your eyes open during October 2022 for their drop.

Halloween’s the Time for Ghosts

Boo! Did you think we’d end the lineup without getting some more scaresies? However, stuff are creepier when they’re lowkey. You know, like that vase moving half an inch or the door opening when you’re not there. Anyway, the two kicks we have left on our list of 2022 Halloween sneakers are just like that! At first glance the white Nike Blazer low and black AF1 Mid look pretty normal, but so do haunted houses.


However, they both share a very interesting detail: the long shadow that the heel branding cast. Remember? It’s the same one we saw on the Air Prestos. So it seems like Nike’s going under the radar with their heebie-jeebies this year! And both joints share that rustic feeling that we usually get in horror movies. So if you like that kinda shit, October 2022 could be the month where your dreams come true!


Now That You Know the Halloween Sneakers 2022 Edition…

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