How To Lace Jordans For The Best Flex!

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how-to-lace-jordansChoking the shit outta your Jordans definitely ain’t the way to lace ‘em y’all! Here’s all you gotta know on how to lace Jordans.

With all of ‘em steaming colorways, styles, and collabs, Jordan Brand deserves a book of its own. You need to be a devoted sneakerhead to keep up with all the shit the brand does to deliver the best of the best in the industry. To say we’re thankful for such a consistent brand would be putting shit lightly. Havoc’s constantly wreaking in the sneaker industry. Take Ye x Adidas, Nike x Kyrie, and Swoosh’s restriction threat as examples. But Air Jordans always manage to keep outta these storms, minding their own business. They can’t afford wasting time as they got a history to make after all!

Now Jordans are within everybody’s reach. Although celebrities and boujee fashion houses, like Dior, have collaborated with the brand, you don’t have to be some celebrity to rock ‘em Jordans. But what makes you a unique AJ flexer is wearing the perfect size and knowing cool ways to lace Jordans. Minor deets always matter. And such things are what define legit sneakerheads. At the end of the day, who would want to ruin a pair of Phantoms or AJ2 Chicago after going through a copping war to have them? 

When it comes to how to lace Jordans convo, know that there ain’t any wrapping up happening at the end of that thing. Simply because such a discussion is a never-ending one, or ends with one simple conclusion. There ain’t one best way to either wear or lace up Jordans. However, this doesn’t mean that there ain’t some basics that need covering on how to lace Jordans. 

How To Lace Jordans: The Best Way Debate

Remember when we were told to tie our shoes as children? That same moment, our kicks would breathe their last breath, choking to death. Poor kicks! Now, hoping you didn’t do that to a pair of hot Jordan 1s, we’re about to show you how to do this the right way.

How to lace Jordans to look and feel great while treating them with utmost care. As a sneakerhead or collector, you must now know the true value these masterpieces hold. It ain’t one to be taken for granted. 

Before diving deep into shit, let’s suppose that we’re applying these ways to a simple crossover lacing. 

How to Lace Up Your Jordans: All The Way Laced


So, what you gotta do is learn how to lace your Jordans. One way is to lace ‘em all the way up. However, you must know that cutting blood circulation ain’t an option here. And we ain’t just talking of your feet’s blood circulation, but the tongues of your shoes. Therefore, if you like the security tightly-laced shoes offer, tie your laces till you reach the last eyelet. But make sure you ain’t overdoing that, ‘cause shit tends to get uncomfortable at some point. 

However, if you’re aiming for a secure but more comfy fit you can tie up your Jordans all the way up. But make sure to keep your laces a bit loose and keep the excess hanging on either side. You should also make sure you don’t have too much excess lace hanging outta your kicks. We don’t want you making a fool outta yourself and tripping over. 

How to Lace Your Jordans: Halfway Laced 


You wanna wear your Jordans with the utmost level of relaxation and leave no room for creases? Tie ‘em laces halfway. And of course, we ain’t talking about Lows here. This could work only on Highs and Mids. This is a great way to flex your Jordans whether you’re a skater or not. So, what you do is crossover your laces until you reach the 5th eyelet. After that, you can tie the excess inside the tongue. And if you don’t like that you could always do a simple knot on top of the tongue. And for more security, it’s better if you lace your Jordans till the 6th eyelet in the knot’s case. 

How to Lace Up Jordans: Something In-Between The Above Two Kinda Laced 


Sooo, you neither like your Jordans too tight nor too loose? Well, then you ain’t an extremist. Don’t worry, this isn’t some personality check shit, we’ll just give you the perfect way to achieve that result.

As you know, these kicks, especially the 1s, usually come with 8 eyelets. Some special editions do come with 9 though. Anyway, in this case, you can tie your laces up until you reach the second to last eyelet. Leave the laces loose throughout the kicks. And let the excess hang outta your Jordans. Middle-way is always the best way. Some people prefer to leave the last two eyelets unlaced, as they feel more comfortable doing so. It all depends on your preference. 

Although there ain’t one right way to lace your Jordans, the last option is the majority’s favorite. As it’s not too loose that your feet come out of the shoes with every step. Nor are they too tight that you be walkin’ like a robot. Also, leaving the last eyelet unlaced works well with all three Jordan styles, giving you a relaxed fit and crease-free kicks. 

Gettin’ Creative With ‘Em Lace Styles

Before going deeper into the how to lace Jordan shit, know that factory-laced Jordans ain’t it peeps. What you gotta do once you’ve copped with a Nike bot like TSB, is unlace the shit out of the kicks and lace them back up again. Make sure the laces are flat for a clean look. Measure the sides of the laces after working on the first eyelet, then continue your way up in a criss-cross movement. Right lace over, left lace under. However, you must know that crossover ain’t the only lace style you can go with. You can get more creative with these so your Jordans stand out among good ol’ basic shit. 

One style you could go with is the straight bar lace, which best suits Jordan Lows. But here you gotta get the right lace length for the perfect lacing. 54 inches would work perfectly. The result would be ladder-like laces. Another popular style among sneakerheads is window lacing. Why window? Well, because it’ll look like you got a window in the middle of your shoe tongues. It goes something like this. Crisscross your Jordan laces the typical way. Once you reach the third eyelet, thread it directly through the above two eyelets. Then continue crisscrossing until you reach the last or second-to-last eyelet. And voila!

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