Jordan Wings Collection: We Paying For Js With Gold Bars Now?

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jordan-wings-collectionTwo sneaker giants, one dropping dope sneakers every other day. The other? Neck-deep in sale losses! If you’re not getting shit we’re saying, let’s enlighten y’all! Nike’s been releasing one dope sneaker after the other. You can check the new Lebron 20 and AJ1 Laney to get an idea. So, if Nike’s doing well, who’s suffering you ask? Well, sadly Adidas been in a difficult place these past 6 months. In fact, the brand’s sales and share prices took a real hard nosedive that’ll take it some time to get back on its feet. But you see, as the Three Stripes been busy climbing up that shithole, the Jordan brand was upgrading its status to “super luxurious sportswear brand!” You’ll find out where we’re coming from the second you take in the new Jordan Wings Collection!

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Jordan Wings Collection: Do Them $1,500 Kicks Make Us Fly Or Something?

Y’all thought Tiffany & Co.’s Air Force 1s were expensive? Well, then word about the upcoming Air Jordan Wings collection definitely hasn’t reached you yet! Don’t worry, we’ll do the pleasure of telling you all about it in a moment! But before that, you gotta know that the purpose of this whole collection is raising funds for Jordan Brand’s Wings program that offers “scholarships to underprivileged youth in North America and the Greater China region.”

Okay, we gotta say it. The upcoming silhouettes are dope as heck, but come on! 1k+ for a pair of kicks? Now we can’t not hit you all with that infamous saying: It better be made outta gold! The mind-blowing part is that neither of these kicks got a luxury brand besides its name. Meaning that these kicks ain’t part of some high-end collab, like Dior or Louis Vuitton. They’re purely Air Jordans. So why the hefty price tags? Well, let’s find out. Or better yet, try to. 


Why Is Jordan Wings Lineup So Expensive? 

We don’t really know the answer to that… Okay, real talk now. This Jordan 1 Wings collection will include two high-tops and three low-tops. Highs will be priced at a retail of $1,500, while lows will hold $1,300 price tags. And yes, there ain’t no typos here. These kicks are not reselling but selling for $1,300 a pair! 

On to the real question, why? All we know, these 5 pairs of the expensive Air Jordan 1 High ‘85 collection will feature premium kinda materials, top-notch handiwork, and special packaging! And most importantly, they’re gonna be rare as heck! 

Besides, this ain’t the first time Jordan Brand tries to squeeze itself into the posh life, mid you! 2015 was the brand’s first try at stepping foot into the luxury market. The Pinnacle collection retailed for $400 a pair, which was and still is a hefty price for a pair of Jordans. 

Also, as no official images have yet been released by the brand, we only got colorways, price tags, and potential release dates to offer you. But you can check out the pictures the Sole Retriever got for now! 

1- Air Jordan 1 High 85 Wings Black Wolf Grey

Release Date: Holiday 2023

Price: $1,500

2- Air Jordan 1 High 85 Wings Phantom Wolf Grey

Release Date: Summer 2023

Price: $1,500 

3- Air Jordan 1 Low 85 Wings Summit White French Blue

Release Date: Fall 2023

Price: $1,300

4- Air Jordan 1 Low 85 Wings Summit White Wolf Grey

Release Date: Fall 2023

Price: $1,300

5- Air Jordan 1 Low 85 Wings Panda​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Release Date: Holiday 2023

Retail Price: $1,300

All You Need To Know About This Expensive Collection

No official pics. And no official release dates. No nothing… Just yet! All we know, the five kicks will drop sometime around the Holiday season. Which is still far as heck from now. So, what can y’all do in the meantime? Cop affordable sneakers, of course! In fact, if you’re interested in the upcoming lineup, know that you can get a very similar design for a reasonable price. Fact is, Air Jordan 1 High ‘85 Black & White is literally dropping tomorrow! So, ready up your sneaker bots peeps, copping war is in the making! 

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