Air Force 1 Tiffany & Co Got Us Craving That Breakfast At Tiffany’s!

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Before we start with the dopest collab of the year, we gotta let you know that y’all still got one day to bid on the very limited Notorious B.I.G Jordan 13. But if you’re more into the copping for retail experience, let us tell you that some classy shit is coming your way. Nike and Tiffany & Co. are collaborating on an Air Force 1 Tiffany drop! Now, no doubt them kicks will find their way onto the most anticipated sneakers list! But you know what else is anticipated and dropping in just a couple of days? Jordan 1 Union! That shit promises a shitload of money on the aftermarket. So, make sure you check it out here before you miss it! Might be your chance at starting that reselling business you always hoped for!


Now that you’re here, we might as well let you in on a new piece of news. Nike started spicing up the industry with its lawsuits… again. You can check out all the deets about the lawsuit it filed for Bape here.

Air Force 1 Tiffany & Co. Will Drop With Some Surprises

The only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany’s. Well, we definitely agree with you, Audrey! But thing is, we don’t really have the money for that… However, now we do have a purpose for visiting Tiffany & Co. and actually buying something (Broke peeps, we feel you). Anyway, what you can get from Tiffany’s are the upcoming Air Force 1 Tiffany (which will also be called Tiffany & Co. x Nike Air Force 1 ‘1837’- a nod to the year Tiffany & Co. was founded). We must admit, this collab did really catch us off guard. So, let’s see what to expect. 

The first-ever Tiffany kicks ain’t what you’d expect. Tiffany’s unique blue hue doesn’t cover most of the kicks. In fact, most of the low-top sneakers will come covered in black suede. Here comes the best part! Tiffany blue engulfs the tumbled leather Swooshes on both sides, giving them kicks the richest of looks. You’d think that a Tiffany Air Force 1 means a Tiffany & Co.-like shoebox. Well, you ain’t wrong with this one. But what will catch your attention, aside from the Swooshes are the shoelaces is that these babies ain’t made like your typical sports laces. But they rather resemble the thick ropes you find on Tiffany’s bag handles and pouch cords. You can also find silver badges on the heels. 


Other than the shoes, you’ll get more gifts included in the box. This collab is already dope enough. The kicks are even doper than expected. But more sterling silver accessories included in the package just hits the jackpot. Lucky coppers! So, y’all will also get several shoelace colors, like yellow and Tiffany’s aqua, as well as a dubrae, shoe horn, whistle, and shoe brush. Gotta keep’em masterpieces clean and shiny! 

Release Deets 

Air Force 1 Tiffany & Co. will drop on March 7, 2023. They’ll also retail for $400. That is a lot, we won’t disagree. But thing is, y’all must know that such kicks sell for far more than their retail value. Meaning that their resale value gonna be in flames without a drop of doubt. However, if you don’t think your budget can make it through such a purchase, you can go for Travis Scott Olive Jordan 1s, or Nike’s Tom Sachs. Resale’s pretty good with both as well. And that’s an added bonus. 

How Can You Score Them Tiffany Sneakers?

Air Force 1 Tiffany & Co. will drop at Tiffany & Co. stores, select retailers, and Nike SNKRS. You must know that the latter got quite the reputation with its tough-as-heck drops. So, you’ll certainly need a powerful Nike bot. Since Nike accounts can do you so much, so you’ll need to educate yourself on the importance of proxies and then pick some good ones. Other than that, you gotta remember that everything is threatened to crash down at any given moment if you don’t get yourself a good server. And on a final note, if you wanna take part in the sneaker community and make yourself some connections, you can join a cook group. Copping becomes a more fun experience with them. For more hot tea and sneaker drops, keep it locked to our blog! Good luck Shit Fam!

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