Notorious BIG Jordan 13: Try Your Luck With A $1-Bid!

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notorious-big-jordan-13Looks like Jordan Brand’s New Year resolution is making 2023 synonymous with “hot drops”! And we sure as heck ain’t complaining. Just take a look at 2023’s AJs lineup and you’ll get where we’re coming from. And if you still haven’t copped any of this year’s kicks, then we must tell you that you’ve been missing out on hella lot fam. Not only are the kicks fire to flex, but their resale value is in literal flames. So, let’s just say that whoever decides this is the right time to kickstart their sneaker reselling business, we gotta give it to them. They’ve got that spot-on timing! Now let’s let you on the main reason Jordans ain’t leaving a drop of the limelight to nobody else. Several days ago Sotheby’s and Jordan Brand announced the collab of the year, which will come in the shape of Notorious BIG Air Jordan 13!

Y’all read that right peeps, a Notorious B.I.G x Jordan collab is really happening. But sadly “limited” lives to its true meaning here. So, let’s check them deets out together! A lil note before we do that though. If you’re in to know all that’s happening in the sneaker industry, as well as, learning of the dopest upcoming drops, Our Blog is here for ya!

Notorious BIG Jordan 13: Uniqueness In The Form Of 23 Pairs! 

Christopher Wallace’s loss is still felt deeply till this day. And so, over the years Jordan Brand tried to pay tribute to his legacy as a rapper. This year’s tribute is a special edition of Notorious BIG Jordan 13 which will celebrate what would’ve been Wallace’s 50th birthday. 

Okay, so Sotheby’s will run an exclusive auction for 23 pairs of Notorious BIG Jordan 13. Upon a first look, you’d think that these kicks look like your standard Jordan 13. In fact, they even look so lowkey at first that you wouldn’t think they got that great value. But when you inspect the pair further, you’ll get that there’s literally nothing understated about the design. Matter of fact, the simple look- mainly black and faded black hues- makes the tongue stand out as the whole story and purpose of the kicks lie there.

On the tongue, you’ll find a silhouette of the Brooklyn rapper, along with two different brandings on either tongue. One holds “It was all a dream,” while the right shoe’s tongue has “If you don’t know, now you know,” which are lyrics from “Juicy”- his hit record. That ain’t all! You’ll find yet another branding on the hangtags- Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation- hanging from the kicks. Finishing up the look are red and black sock-liner patterns, featuring the Notorious B.I.G’s style throughout his spotlight fame time. 


Wanna Try Your Luck Getting Ahold Of These Iconic Kicks? 

First, you gotta know that the whole purpose of this partnership is to benefit the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation. Which “aims to empower inner-city youth with educational learning instruments, sponsorships, grants and community-based mentorship programs and campaigns, all in line with its motto, Think B.I.G ‘Books Instead of Guns.” So, this auction already began and it will run through until February 3, 2023. Bids start at one dollar, but you need to know that estimates show that a pair might sell something between “$2,300 and $5,200.”

It’s a fact that a pair of Notorious BIG Jordan 13 might later resell at much higher prices than their auction values. But you need to know if that is way outta your budget, it ain’t the end of the world. You still could a hyped pair of Jordans and Dunks at their retail prices and even make money outta reselling them! How? Well, you need to know what a sneaker bot is first. Then get yourself a powerful Nike bot. But don’t forget to hook it with great proxies and even greater Nike accounts. We don’t need you getting banned after all. And if all this is gibberish for you but you still wanna learn more about sneaker copping. A cook group might be the best thing you sign up for. Till next time fam! 

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