Nike Lululemon Lawsuit: Suing Competitors Is The New Flex?

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nike-lululemon-lawsuit-2023Another day just means another Nike lawsuit at this point! Here’s all you gotta know about the Nike Lululemon case! So, let’s start the day by asking the real questions, shall we? Nike got a laundry list of all the brands it likes to wash over from earth or something? Because the Swoosh sure as heck ain’t leaving nobody to their peace of mind! Not even a week after filing a lawsuit against Bape, Nike sues Lululemon over patent infringement. Mind you, this isn’t the first Nike Lululemon lawsuit to hit the industry. So, what is it about this time? Let’s find out together fam! 

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Nike Lululemon Lawsuit: What Is It About This Time? 

Looks like Nike didn’t leave its love for lawsuits back in 2022. But rather started 2023 strong with another string of legal actions. Fact is, this ain’t nothing new to Lululemon since it faced Nike’s wrath before. Let’s talk about the now and keep that for later though! 

This time Nike ain’t fighting over one of its designs. But rather suing Lululemon for using a similar technology on several of its shoe designs. This said technology is Nike’s Flyknit. And according to Nike, at least four of Lululemon’s designs take on the flyknit technology: Blissfeel, Chargefeel Low, Chargefeel Mid, and Strongfeel shoes. Actually, the Swoosh claims as a result of these drops, it has “suffered economic harm and irreparable injury.” Wait, did Nike trip wearing them shoes or something? Where did that injury come from exactly? Well, guess we’ll never know with them lawsuits. You gotta keep it creative to keep it going ya know! 


So, according to Nike, Lululemon mainly infringed three of its patents comprising “textile elements, including knitted elements, webbed areas, and tubular structures on the footwear.” Okay, but what did Lululemon say about all these accusations? Well, according to CNBC, a Lululemon spokesperson reported in a statement that  “Nike’s claims are unjustified, and we look forward to proving our case in court.”

What Is Lululemon And What History Does It Have With Nike? 

Just like Corteiz, Lululemon has earned a cult-like following throughout the years. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, Lululemon became widely known as an athleisure and yoga company. And in 2019, the brand grew enough to launch its first footwear line. 

You also gotta know this ain’t the first time Nike pulls that patent infringement shit on Lululemon. In January 2022, Nike accused the Canadian apparel brand of infringing on “six patents over its at-home Mirror fitness device and related mobile applications,” as reported by CNBC. “The patents in question are overly broad and invalid. We are confident in our position and look forward to defending it in court,” was Lululemon’s response to that statement. 

Okay, So What Now?

Nothing! Literally nothing fam. We don’t know what the end of the Nike Lululemon lawsuit is gonna be. Such things can take years till they’re resolved. Either way, this won’t affect Nike’s sales, so drops will stay coming in all their hot forms! But now that we mention one sneaker giant and sales in one sentence, y’all must check how Adidas been taking one blow to the gut after the other. Shit doesn’t look promising one bit! 

Anyway, as we said, whatever happens, Nike’s cool drops are still happening, Worst-case scenario, release dates are postponed due to them supply chain issues. So, if you’re in to start your sneaker-copping journey, then you’re definitely at the right place! But to cop kicks like the new LeBron 20 All Star and Jordan 1 Laney, you’ll need a great Nike bot. You also gotta hook it with good proxies and Nike accounts. What can we say! You gotta equip yourself the right way ‘cause SNKRS drops are crappy as heck. But they’re definitely worth it! Adios Shit Fam!

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