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best-nike-technologyWere you ever told that people who wear comfortable shoes are less likely to get injured than those that do their activities wearing rough uncomfortable sneakers? Yes, fam. You gotta pick your kicks right. And y’all should know that there’s nothing called the perfect shoes. There are different foot forms out there, as well as different preferences. What I think is an ideal fit for me might be the shittiest thing for you. This is why there is no one best sneaker technology. But some technologies stand out more than others do. This way we can check out the best Nike technology together, so you decide which one you prefer more. Which would save you some trouble when you get to try on some of them designs. 

Best Nike Technology: Creativity Sure Is The Brand’s Middle Name 

So, engineering started meeting design the moment someone called Franklin Rudy set foot in Nike’s headquarters. And since then, there was no looking back as Nike only thrived in the field to now be THE footwear giant the world looks up to. Besides, if you wanna read what we just said in numbers, you can check 2022’s Nike sales here! But this ain’t what today is about. Today, shit’s more about learning about some of the best Nike technology. And that fam, is exactly what we’re gonna do. 

1-  Nike Air

Starting with the oldest Nike technology: Air cushioning, let’s hit you with some facts about it. Turns out the sneaker industry got its own JK Rowling! The designer of the first Air cushioning technology got rejected 23 times before squaring up and heading to Nike. He presented the prototype, got accepted, and voila! Decades later and this Nike technology is still a huge success. 

So what exactly is this Air sneaker technology? Well, imagine it like the following: a pouched-like hollowed midsole. This midsole/bag ain’t empty though. It got compressed air inside- thus the name. Don’t worry as there’s no way that bag would pop like a balloon. It’s flexible, elastic, and got low impact. So just like a pillow, it absorbs energy with every step, then go back to its original shape as you step off. Therefore, if you’re into sports and daily activities, Nike Air is your best pick. But which designs got this kinda shoe tech? Well, that would need one heck of a list. But the most popular of them are Air Force 1s, Air Max 95, and Air VaporMax. Basically everything with “Air” in them.

Before we move on to another one of the best Nike technology, you can check how Nike Air Max fits so you don’t buy yourself the wrong size! 

2- Nike Flyknit

There are so many good technologies for only one to be called the best Nike technology. But there are some of them more popular than the others. Flyknit being one. You must know the name from Kanye’s former brand, Yeezy. Orrr did this name become taboo now that we say Adidas, and only Adidas now? 

Anyway, Nike Flyknit technology features sock-like fabric created from polyester yarn to offer perfectly knitted, lightweight uppers “with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability.” Some parts are tighter than others to support your feet the right way.

3- Nike Joyride

Now, this is what we call innovation y’all! Nike Joyride is what you can name a traditional running shoe. Nothing like the Air tech, this Nike technology specializes in beads. More than 10,000 of them plastic beads are contained within each midsole of every Joyride sneaker. But what exactly is their purpose? Not mainly concerned to enhance their aesthetic style. Although kicks do look dope as shit with them colored bubbles visible through the soles. But comfort is more of the purpose.

Nike created this shoe technology so that you experience a soft and comfortable ride. With each step you take, these beads shape around your feet, as if the brand personalized it specifically for you! And with each step you take, they bounce back to their original shape. 

According to Nike: “The Nike Joyride cushioning system offers 14% better impact absorption when compared to some of our most trusted running shoes.” This means if you’re a runner, these are your kicks. But them beads ain’t appealing much to some as this Nike technology arose some environmental concerns

4- Nike Crater Impact

You can say that Nike makes up for the plastic waste it generates with Joyride technology with the Crater Impact tech. Crater Impact supports sustainability as it is all about transforming trash into shoes. The best thing about this tech is that it doesn’t only offer shoes made out of at least 25% recycled material, but its rock-shaped sole is actually made from foam. This helps deliver the smoothest, most-cushioned rides. 

You’d think that such kicks would look like shit. But surprisingly enough, they look stylish beyond words. And the best thing about this technology is that it offers the shoes a lightweight feel as it’s literally made out of foam! 

5- Nike FlyEase

Ever the thoughtful brand! The Swoosh gives creativity a whole new definition for this tech! FlyEase is one of the latest Nike technologies, as the Swoosh introduced it to the world in 2021. So what exactly is this shoe technology all about? Well, you won’t need your hands to lace them kicks. It’s one of the most convenient designs, specifically designed for people with disabilities. To wear them, all you gotta do is raise one foot, place it inside the shoe, press, and you’ll be ready to fly anywhere you want!  If you wanna read about Nike FlyEase, click here!

6- Nike Adapt 

Improving performance of previous generations’ sneaker lines? A good ol’ productive day in Nike’s life! You think FlyEase is the highest innovative level the Swoosh could reach? Well, think again! Back in 2016, we came to meet Nike Adapt technology. And how brilliant that meeting was! Kicks weren’t only about design and engineering anymore. The sneaker giant added electronic technology to that list as well. So what exactly is Nike Adapt technology about? 

According to Nike, it’s a “breakthrough lacing system that electronically adjusts to the shape of your foot.” Let’s put this into more simple words. You download Nike Adpat’s mobile app and fill in some info on it. This then allows you to check battery levels, change light colors, and adjust the lacing to your liking. You can also sync everything to your Apple Watch, if you got any. After you do all that, you just step into the pair and your heels will hit a sensor, which makes the laces automatically tighten. 

Other Technologically Advanced Shoes?

Nike’s one of the sneaker giants. Whether in silhouettes, technology, or collaborations, they just RULE! However, as clients’ interests shift towards healthier options, other sneaker brands are evolving in terms of tech. Adidas has Boost, Puma has Nitro and Reebok has Instapump. All of which will more likely than not, meet your needs and fit like a charm!

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