Nike Corteiz Not-So-Official Collab: Do We Get Our Hopes Up?

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nike-corteiz-collabNike’s that someone who cherishes its oldie collabs, ends others, all while working on a whole new partnership. I mean, wow! If this ain’t the definition of multitasking, we don’t know what is. We’re so thankful we ain’t talking about the second of the above three categories. We already had our fill with that last year. Today, it’s good news. Word on the street has it that a Nike Corteiz collab is in the making y’all! So, let’s see what this hype is all about. 

What Is Corteiz? 

Corteiz-aka Crtz- is a London-based streetwear brand launched in 2017 by its founder, Clint. Yep, the founder of the uprising clothing brand is simply known as Clint. And the best part about this brand ain’t your conventional type or the ordinary advertising campaigns. No, this brand chose to go up the ladder through unconventional tricks and stunts. And it didn’t only attract fans, but Corteiz acquired a cult-like following. 

What does Corteiz sell exactly you ask? Clothing pieces that include everything from t-shirts, to joggers, and cargos. Which are pretty affordable, with prices ranging from £30 to £125. And the main purpose of the streetwear brand lies in its logo, which represents “rebellion against convention.” 

Nike Corteiz Collab: Is It Official? 

Fun fact: Nike once sued Corteiz. But let’s keep that for another day. Today we’re only talking good ol’ happy shit. So, it all started when people saw the Corteiz Alcatraz and Nike’s Swoosh logo illuminated in front of the Niketown storefront located in downtown London (the most famous street on Oxford Street). Clint posted a photo of him in front of the illuminated building as well. Next thing you know, shit went into a frenzy from all the hype that was created. 

Since then it was all speculations and words. But now it’s been confirmed that this move sealed the deal and there indeed is an upcoming official Nike Corteiz collab. This marketing move ain’t new to Corteiz. It’s the kinda brand that knows how to keep its fans engaged real well. Obviously! 

What Now? 

There’s still some time for an official statement about this collab. Let alone an official drop. That thing is lil far away now. Therefore, in the meantime, you don’t have to sit still, look pretty. What can y’all do instead? Well, cop the shit outta hyped kicks, of course! This Spring’s most anticipated sneakers list is lit. You can check it out here! But if you’re exclusively into Jordans, let us lead the way

However, picking the kicks you want is only you doing half the job. You still gotta learn the way to get your hands on a pair for real. And to do that, first thing you gotta learn about is the world of sneaker copping. Which begins with investing in a great sneaker bot. And if you’re exclusively aiming for Nike drops, a Nike bot is your lifelong buddy. Just remember that it only does half the job. You’ll need to hook it up with great proxies and Nike accounts to raise your chances at catching Ws. Another thing to remember is that nothing’s ever guaranteed in the copping game. So, don’t lose hope if you caught an L or 2. It’s a matter of trial and error after all! Good luck shitfam!


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