Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder: The Shock Wave Of Drip Y’all Need!

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jordan-4-yellow-thunderYoo, it’s been years since w last enjoyed sneaker drops to this extent. And Nike is sneakerheads’ precious gift that keeps on giving. Just take a look at 2023’s lineup and you’ll get where we’re coming from. Not only this, but you might reread the title when you look at the most anticipated sneakers of 2023’s list. That thing could be confused with the most anticipated Nike kicks of the year. And among that said list, you’d find the new Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder ranking on the far top. The perks of being extra-creative and acing the sneaker game! That puts you on the very top of the food chain in the sneaker industry. Anyway, let’s check out that shock wave of drip 2023 came with! 

Before getting into that, if you wanna do a lil studying to lecture yourself about one of the world’s best sneaker brands, you can check Air Jordan facts here! Testing knowledge is key peeps! 

Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder Rocks Yellow Toe Vibes

Oh the love we got for rereleases is endless! And the Swoosh been blessing us with quite a lot of those. We’re mainly talking about Jordan 13 Playoffs here. So, Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder features a black nubuck upper. That alone would be boring though, won’t it? But if you know the Swoosh well enough, you’d know that it does no boring. Which brings us to them yellow highlights covering the mesh cage, lace wings, inner of the tongue, and the midsole. Aside from Jumpman logos on top of the heels and the tongues, the rest of the sneaker is covered in black. 

Release Deets 

Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder will drop on May 13, 2023. It will retail for $210. Okay, nice to know, but y’all know what we’re really here for? The sick flexes and flips, of course! Now these babies not only make you look like the trendy lil thing you are but will make you tons of money. The 2012’s pair is now reselling for $624 on average! That’s $400 worth of net profit directly to your pockets. So imagine you cop multiples. We bet you’d be on cloud 9 right there and then!


How To Score The Upcoming Jordan 4 Yellow Thunder? 

You must know fam, SNKRS drops are a bit interesting… and a hella lot tricky. So, once you do your homework and learn more about them, you can pick a good Nike bot to be your other half on drop day. Besides, always make sure you get great proxies and Nike Accounts. As dramatic as it sounds, they are the ones that can either break or make your setup. One more thing. Never ever forget to invest in a good server as well. And if you want to take part in the sneaker community, you can join a cook group. That’s it for today peeps. For more sneaker release info and hot tea, keep checking out our blog

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