Sneakerheads Beware: Inflation’s kicking Up Shoe Pricing!

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Y’all must’ve noticed how shit been hitting the fan in the industry in full force lately. Crappy news takes up a good part of 2023’s sneaker recap. We really don’t wanna be the ones to put you in low spirits, but the truth is tough. And sneakerheads been suffering from this said truth the most. From Kanye leaving Adidas, and Eastbay closing, to Nike updating its retailer rules and targeting resellers for the zillion time in less than a year! Well, at least there’s hope for the former to redeem his relationship with the Three Stripes. But in all honesty, we know nothing about the rest. And now to top it off, shoe pricing has been increasing, and inflation is the main cause of that!


The Inflation Game: Why Shoe Pricing Is On The Rise?

So, it’s a common fact, the rise of the sneaker culture attracted more and more consumers throughout the years. And many of those same consumers are basically what we now call sneakerheads. However, this still doesn’t deny the fact that $104.8 billion is one heck of a huge number for an amount spent on sneakers in one year… by Americans alone! And this number doesn’t only mean that people are buying more kicks now, but it also indicates how sneakers became more expensive than ever before!

According to in2013dollars, shoe pricing is 928.28% higher in 2023 versus 1935. Which accumulates to a $185.66 difference in value! Now that’s one mindblowing fact. Not only that, but 2022 stars in this news as sneaker prices increased more in 2022 than in any of the previous 40 years, as claimed by Insider!

Are High Shoe Prices The Norm Today? 

It’s worth noting that, back in 1935, dropping a Jordan collection worth $1,500 wouldn’t have been the smartest move then. However, now that we’re in 2023, Jordan Brand had enough confidence deep in its bones to drop such a pair with an over-the-top price. And let’s not forget to mention that if you back in time, $400 worth of Air Force 1s wouldn’t have sold in the record time it sold in not a while ago. But let’s not forget that those same kicks wouldn’t have had a 1k+ worth of resale value back then, as well! At this point, inflation is making sense but not making sense all at the same time. 

However, you gotta know that experts have a positive outlook toward the future of shoe pricing, as they predict inflation to moderate in 2023. So, let’s hope for the best! 

Anyway, if you wanna know more about Jordans’ and Dunks’ prices today, here are your guides:


Does That Mean You Stop Buying Sneakers Now?

Never, fam! That will never ever be the case. Because for one, no matter how much shoe pricing increases, your reasons to start reselling sneakers will make more sense along the way! You see, a $10 or $20 increase on a pair of hyped Jordans won’t really matter when those same kicks resell for double and even triple their retail price. 

Oh, and don’t forget that more and more people are losing their jobs on a daily basis due to inflation. Or their 9-to-5 job ain’t enough to pay rent anymore. Which makes starting a shoe reselling business make more sense now than ever!

However, you gotta know that, to make money outta reselling kicks, you’ll need to buy ‘em for retail first. And to do that, you’ll need a great sneaker bot. However, if you’re only aiming to buy Nike and Jordans, make sure you get yourself one heck of a Nike bot, just like TSB!

Why TSB? 

Well, supporting over 50 regions, The Shit Bot helps you cop wherever you were in the world! And although inflation been hitting hard, TSB is still as affordable as ever! All you have to do is pay $300 and this bot will be yours for a whole complete YEAR! 

So, if you wanna make some good cash, know that TSB also allows you to cop sneakers in bulk! And if you learn more about the shittiest bot in town, click below!


Let’s Say You Copped. Where Exactly Can You Resell Sneakers? 

Okay, fam. You can use one of the two most known reselling websites worldwide, GOAT and StockX. However, you need to know that y’all got a great advantage if you live in either Europe or China. Because you got both Europe-specific and China-specific resale platforms. They’re less costly and the reselling process requires less time. 

To learn more about sneakers, tips, news drops, and news, our blog is here for ya! Till next time shitfam!

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