Nike Sanddrift Dunks: Wearable Any Day; Suitable With Everything!

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nike-sanddrift-dunksThe sneaker culture is a whirlwind of events. You get hot drops, great collabs, shock drops, lawsuits, and brands taking a nosedive all at once. 2023’s sneaker recap is full of events already and we’re only in our second month still! Oh and let’s not forget that the reselling market isn’t the only subcategory the industry got anymore! We now have sneaker NFTs to keep up with as well. But let’s take it a step at a time. Now it’s only about new drops and that’s what we’re sticking with for the time being. So, what does Nike have up its sleeve this time, you ask? Well, it’s Nike Sanddrift Dunks release for ya! 

But before we get into that, y’all must know, if Dunks ain’t your cup of tea, Travis Scott Jordan 1s are dropping soon. And if you wanna stay up-to-date with sneaker news and the latest drops, make sure you hit that notification on our blog

Nike Sanddrift Dunks: An All-Time Flex 

The new Nike Sanddrift Dunks are gonna feature Sanddrift, Sail, and Hemp colorways. The kinda tones that go with any fit y’all choose. So these babies got a tan leather base, overlaid in Sanddrift suede. And you know how much the Swoosh likes adding them lil details. These kicks got contrasting white threads all over. Sail midsoles and shoe linings complete the look!

Release Deets

These joints are gonna hit ‘em shelves on March 4, 2023, for their usual $110 retail price. Guess we don’t have to worry about inflation just yet. But we sure as heck gotta worry about them supply chain issues. You can never be 100% sure of a release date these days, as they can get pushed back at any moment! Or Nike decides it’s feeling like a shock drop before the official drop day comes. But y’all know what? As long as you got a great Nike bot, like TSB, shit becomes like child’s play! Just yesterday your shittiest bot in town scored a huge success with the White Cement Jordan 3s! Anyway, let’s show you the way to catching these kicks!


Oh, and one more thing. These kicks are reselling for an average of $164 on the aftermarket. This is the kinda lowkey drop that can make you tons of money if you buy them in bulk! 

Wanna Score ‘Em Nike Sanddrift Dunks?

As the new Nike Sanddrift Dunks are dropping on Nike SNKRS, you taking an L is so very likely, cause them Nike drops are as crappy as it gets! If you’re tryna cop ‘em manually that is. That’s why, as we’ve mentioned above, you gotta have a great Nike bot. But a bot alone can’t do all the work, so you need to equip yourself with good proxies and Nike accounts as well! Also, you never gotta forget that a bad server can break your setup altogether, so choose one wisely

However, if you ain’t into reselling these dope kicks, flexing them would keep you on the right track to following the latest sneaker trends! But make sure you know how Dunks fit first if you wanna rock ‘em right! Good luck shitfam!

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