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sneaker-resellingEighty-six. No, that ain’t my grandma’s age. Eighty-six refers here to the 86 billion dollars the sneaker industry is worth today! Well, if we’re being exact, it’s $86.58 billion according to Statista. Mind you, this value won’t stay the same for long, as it’s estimated to reach $106.6 billion in 2027! Thing is, there’s much more to this industry than it appears to be. With the rise of sneakerheads and the popularity of sneaker resale as a profitable hustle, the sneaker reselling market became as if it’s a subcategory of this industry. A subcategory worth $6 billion! 

So, the sneaker industry grows bigger by the minute and sneakerheads join for all sorts of reasons. But the main motive for going into this world is making cash through sneaker reselling. And tons of cash, that is! The resell market is all about the low-supply, high-demand rule. What happens when companies follow it? Well, they get the hype they want, as well as brand awareness. And their stock sells out in record time! So, now it’s your time to learn of all the reasons why sneaker reselling is the main side hustle y’all been waiting for! 

Why Get Into Sneaker Resale?

1- Grow Your Passion For Sneakers:

  • If you’re already a sneaker fan, then say no more! Sneaker resale is a chance to connect with more kicks and make money out of what you love. And if you’re still one foot in, one out, now is the best time to step all in. You’re missing on so many dope drops! And in case your hesitation got something with you not knowing where to start, we gotcha fam! Here’s an A-to-Z guide on how to start a shoe reselling business! Who knows? Maybe you’d be renting out your millions of dollars sneaker closet on Airbnb just like DJ Khaled did in no time!

2- Get Yourself Side Money With A Low-Time Commitment: 

  • As we mentioned above, the sneaker resale market is valued at 6 billion dollars and it keeps growing with more people joining. Have you seen how crazy the resale value is for some sneakers? You can check here the new Tiffany & Co. AF1 as a reference. This is actually the main motive that would drive both sneaker collectors and regular sneaker fans. These prices are why you’d jump right into the sneaker reselling world. And who wouldn’t like some extra side cash! 
  • Want some proof? Let’s start with the somewhat lightweight shit. The Black and White Jordan 1 Retro High 85 that dropped a week ago is now reselling for an average of $336! While, the new Tiffany & Co. Air Forces are now worth an average of $1,979! The upcoming Silver Jordan 14s? They got an average resale value of $357!
  • Another example is one of TSB’s users who managed to a heck lotta pairs of Panda Dunks this past month. By that, he secured an average profit of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in literally 1 DAY!
  • We can make up this shit. You can check out his success testimonial yourself here!


3- Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset: 

  • Flipping sneakers is not just a short-term investment but a long-term one too. The resale value of limited shoes, especially if the brand is one of the sneaker giants or a luxury one. Well, in all honesty, one of those giants is struggling real hard at the moment. Adidas’ shares are plummeting like crazy. So, if you wanna kickstart the reselling business, you can start with Nike, and keep an eye out for Adidas in case it gets back on its legs soon and starts dropping some good shit! Anyway, having an entrepreneurial mindset is all about diving head-first into new opportunities. And this is exactly what you do every time you buy a hyped pair of sneakers for retail knowing there’s a high potential for it to resell for much more. 

4- Grow Your Connections: 

  • Connections are vital in each and every person. You knowing that person, who’s friends with that investor that knows people, is what takes you places. More connections mean more options and chances to achieve your goal. And trust us when we say, the sneaker reselling business is full of them. In fact, those with great connections are the ones that go pro in the business. If you’re wondering where to start with that connection-building, you must know that there’s a thing called a cook group out there. Not only does a good one help build connections, and send you upcoming drops reminders, but some of them even help you cop sneakers!


How To Become A Shoe Reseller? The Three Prerequisites To Sneaker Resale

Buy low, sell high. That’s the key to making the maximum profit possible. But this is only attainable if you cop at retail. And copping successfully at retail needs three things: knowledge, capital, and a sneaker bot. Oh, and you forgetting copping manually is the way to go. 

1- Sneaker knowledge:

  • First, y’all gotta keep an eye on exclusive drops, sneaker prices, and sneaker trends. Become part of the sneakerhead community by following real sneakerheads on Instagram and Twitter or joining closed sneakerhead groups on Facebook and Discord. Go to events because sneaker reselling from events is the best way to start networking and making money. And like any other market or economy, it is constantly changing so you must always stay updated. If you wanna start with that instantly, all you have to do is turn on that notification button on our blog

2- Capital:

  • Just like any other form of business and money-making, you have to invest in the business first. You only need slight capital to cover expenses related to sneakers if you don’t already have them, a powerful sneaker bot (A Nike-specific bot if you’re only tryna score Jordans and Nike kicks), accessories (Proxies and Nike accounts), and the reselling platform.

3- Sneaker bot:

  • A powerful sneaker bot is a software that would run the whole copping process on your behalf. All the way to checkout in a matter of seconds! If you’ve tried it before, then you already know how risky it is to depend on just luck for online copping. Especially with new release types and raffle systems being implemented on sneaker sites. Features tend to be common between one sneaker bot and another which makes choosing one a difficult process. But there are always power points to each making it a more convenient option for you. To make things even easier for you, we’ll leave a sneaker bot list with the best bots out there to choose from! 

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to become a shoe reseller click right here.


Time To Hit Market And Start Reselling!  

Set up your reselling profile and choose the right platform for your sneaker reselling business. There are many widely known and trusted online reselling platforms. The only downfall to these platforms is that some of them have a high commission rate per sale. Which is something you will want to avoid when you’re first starting this whole project. Choose your platform depending on the sneakers you want to sell, the site’s security, and trustworthiness. 

Good sneaker reselling places include StockX, Flight Club, Grailed, GOAT, Kixify, and Stadium Goods. Top competitors among these would be StockX and GOAT. But resale-wise, they’re all great and work just well wherever you are in the world. Which means their domain is international. You can also sell sneakers and goods on Amazon, and eBay. However, as there is a lack of authenticity checks, customers usually refrain from buying sneakers from them.

On the other hand, if you live in Europe, you can resell your kicks on KLEKT- a Europe-based online sneaker platform. However, if you live on the eastern side of the globe, POIZON got you fam! The Chinese-based platform gained quite a reputation for its authenticating services. Now we know where StockX’s authentication tags went…


Some Other More Simple, And Technically Free Platforms?

You got Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just create a business profile showcasing your collection and you’ll have your reselling business fired up in no time! What you should always keep in check are the quality of images you use, your asking prices, and your credibility. Never try to sell fakes and everything else should just come easy.

All in all, reselling sneakers gets better, easier, and more profitable with experience, and once you start right it will all go upward from there! Till next time fam!

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