DJ Khaled Airbnb: Generous To A Fault Host!

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dj-khaled-airbnbDJ Khaled ain’t just letting y’all take a look at his shoe collection. The sneakerhead is giving you an opportunity to put yourselves in his shoes… Literally! With DJ Khaled Airbnb, you now have the chance to be Khaled for one day, experiencing the lavish lifestyle he got. For once, you’ll get to see and live that good-ass dream you hoped never ends, till the very last moment!

Before getting lost in the shoe kingdom, you must know that keeping up with all the shit going on in the sneaker industry is a lil tricky. Brands going down, others emerging, collabs ending, while others are flourishing. No matter how much you know, there’s always something you must’ve missed. So, to make sure you’re up-to-date with all the hot tea and sneaker releases, our blog is one click away!

DJ Khaled Airbnb: Hit The Sack In A Sneaker Heaven!

This dream is basically being able to sleep cozied up among hundreds of pairs of kicks collected by Khaled himself. Although kicks are overflowing the room, they nearly make a drop in the ocean of kicks he got. The whole collection amounts to nearly 10,000 sneakers. So, the best part is obviously sleeping in a literal dream, but that ain’t all. DJ Khaled is an all-or-nothing kinda man. Sleeping ain’t the only thing you’ll be doing. If you were one of the lucky two, you’ll be able to get your own photoshoot on a golden throne, like the sneaker king you are! 

Not only that, but as a part of your DJ Khaled Airbnb experience, you’ll be greeted with a welcoming note. Handwritten specifically for you by the father of Ashad himself. You’ll also have access to the outdoor lounge and pool to get your fill of ‘em Miami vibes. And like the generous host he is, DJ Khaled is also offering a private shopping session at 305 Kicks. Which is Miami’s premiere sneaker store.

A good host wouldn’t be so good if he didn’t offer good food! And this crossed Khaled’s mind, all right as he’s offering his guests a catered dinner from his favorite restaurant, The Licking. You’ll also get to enjoy some of the host’s favorite places in Miami. Leaving best till last, the two lucky guests will get exclusive signed pairs of the upcoming We The Best Air Jordan 5!


How To Book That Shit?

Sadly for the hundreds or thousands that are gonna try their luck here, only two guests are gonna get accepted to experience this cool stay. All you gotta pay is $11, a nod to the host’s shoe size, and you’ll get the night of your life with the dopest DJ Khaled Airbnb experience. The one-night stays are occurring on December 5 and 6. So, if you’re a fan, you request to book your stay starting November 29, 2022!

Now fam, don’t be bummed out if you weren’t among the lucky ones. You can still get your fair share of DJ Khaled kicks as the DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 5s are dropping soon! And lucky for you, there are more than TWO colorways hitting the market.

But never forget, they’re still exclusive sneakers! Therefore, you gotta have some advantage over other buyers. And that advantage comes in the shape of one of the best Nike bots on the market. And that would be TSB, of course! But keep in mind that a good meal is never good without some fine sauce. And the sauce here is a mixture of good proxies, accounts, and a server!

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