Nike Price Guide: Breaking Down the Real Deal At Retail Cost!

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Since 1964, Nike has been a powerhouse, capturing attention with iconic designs and groundbreaking silhouettes. A titan in the industry, Nike appeals to diverse tastes, recently earning a staggering $51 billion in revenue. Not only does Nike dominate the market, but its sneaker gems also anchor the $11 billion reselling industry. So, if you’re curious about the price tags awaiting the hottest upcoming releases, here’s a Nike price guide to get you ready!

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Nike Price Guide: Unveiling the True Value Behind the Tag!

Recognizing that Air Jordans are some of the most sought-after kicks in Nike’s realm, dive into this informative guide on Air Jordan prices. Now, let’s spill the beans on the retail prices of Nike’s most highly coveted silhouettes.

1. Air Max 1 & Air Max 90: $120 to $160

Kicking off with the Air Max series, the Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 stand as timeless design icons, embodying the historical backbone of Nike’s running revolution. Being a fav choice for big celebs, brands, and famous football teams in the collab game. 

2. Air Force 1: $90 to $150

The Air Force 1, a cultural icon, stays a forever fave. These kicks made history as the first to rock Air technology in the midsole, initially for basketball. Now, it’s a hot commodity fetching collabs from Off-White, Travis Scott, and Tiffany & Co., making it a resale royalty.

3. Nike SB Dunks: $100 to $150

Born in the summer of ’85 by Peter Moore, Nike SB Dunks, the streetwear darling, is a legit investment in urban style, delivering a bold statement on any turf. It showcases the influence of skateboarding, transitioning from the basketball court to a staple in collegiate hoops. Now, it’s not just a shoe but a street icon, rocking some of the best Nike collabs with Olympic winners and top SB brands. Watch out for its dominance, especially with the Fire 2024 lineup.

4. Nike LeBron 21: $200

LeBron James, the GOAT of basketball, recently dropped the Nike LeBron 21, marking one of the most iconic lifetime NBA deals ever. Designed by the legend Jason Petrie, these kicks boast a low-cut, sleek design inspired by the mighty oyster shell. The cushioning game is strong with a Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot, straight fire for the court.

5. Kobe 4: $150 to $200

The Kobe 4, honoring the legendary Kobe Bryant, is more than just kicks—it’s a sentimental treasure for fans and collectors. Nike’s collabs with Kobe hit home runs, but the Kobe 4 stands out big time. Continuing the legacy, the Kobe 4 is about to light up in 2024, rocking the resale market and making an epic comeback in the lineup.

6. Nike Air Foamposite: $220 to $250

Though notorious for their break-in time, the Nike Foams are one of the most hotly pursued items in sneaker culture. Thus, any announcement of OG color releases usually meets fervent fans and long lines.

7. Nike Air Flight 89: $120 to $160

For you, OG heads, this shoe brings back some bittersweet memories. When it first hit the scene, the Air Flight 89 was like the OG Elite series of a LeBron or Durant signature. And guess what? It’s making a splashy comeback with a big Christmas gift collab with Stussy, celebrating its anniversary next year. 

8. Nike Blazer: $80 to $120

Venturing down memory lane, the Blazer still rules the retro realm. As basketball legends like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain rocked Chucks, Nike shook things up with its basketball sneaker design. The results were too dope for other brands to match, partly thanks to The Iceman, scoring over $2k on GOAT.

9. Nike Cortez: $80 to $120

Closing our Nike prices guide, we revisit the early days with the Nike Cortez. Designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, these kicks started as no-frills running sneakers for track athletes but swiftly transitioned into the lifestyle sector. Famous for Forrest Gump’s iconic wear in the cult movie, the Cortez has also seen collaborations with the likes of Sacai, Clot, and Kendrick Lamar(going for more than $1k on the second market).Nike Prices

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