Air Max 1 CLOT: Drip Goes From East All the Way to West!

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From east to west, drip is an international language for us all. And when you get a collaboration that joins both ends of the world, AKA all regions TSB supports, can you imagine the hype? From the Jordan 1 CLOT to the rose gold Air Force 1, the Nike CLOT collaboration has always been so lit! The multicultural pair totally got us wishing we had better luck on Nike SNKRS. But oh well, TSB is here for the rescue, and it’s gonna help you poop like never before! Anyway, the not-so-new Air Max 1 CLOT is totally worth having in your closet.

Air Max 1 CLOT Kiss of Death: Worth It?

Well, let’s say that we’ve never been this grateful to get the kiss of death, ironically. But enough with the dark humor don’t you think? So, for the first time since 2006, Nike and CLOt are bringing back the highly coveted Air Max 1! The pair features almost all the same main details with tiny differences. The heel design won’t come in beige suede this time, it’ll actually come in red leather with orange embossing. 

air-max-1-clot-2021    air-max-1-kiss-of-death-2021

Moreover, the insole will feature Chinese characters on it instead of the light green design. The transparent toebox, beige suede upper, and orange midsole stayed on board. And finally, the awesome foot design on the outsole comes in different colors in 2021. That’s actually a reflexology map with all the sole’s pressure points!


Release Info

The upcoming Air Max 1 CLOT already dropped on Juice store and globally, but the US didn’t get the pair yet! Finally, Nike SNKRS announced a release date of March 27, 2021. The pair will retail for $150, that’s $50 more than the 2006 pair. Anyway, the pair currently resells for $300, and that’s a pretty good number! Especially if you cop multiple pairs with the shittiest bot out there.

Air Max 1 CLOT and TSB Bring the World Together!

The new Air Max 1 CLOT is totally a catch if you put your mind to it. And honestly, Nike SNKRS has that L reputation unless you’re extremely lucky. Otherwise, you could try as much as you want, and you can never get ‘em. Luckily, TSB underwent some pretty shitty updates to emerge stronger and better! You’ll totally smell them across all the continents with 50+ supported regions. And because the more poops the merrier, here’s your chance to win a copy of TSB! Just make sure you take part in our giveaways. Who knows? You might be the major pooper of Spring 2021!

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