Fly Streetwear Dunks: When Classiness Hits The Streets!

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fly-streetwear-dunksOh, how we love us some new dope collabs! The Chinese skate shop- FLY StreetWear- and Nike are joining forces for a Fly Streetwear Dunks drop. Another hot drop added to Nike’s March drops! The Swoosh really is the best multitasker out there. From lawsuits hitting left and right, that we lost track of them for a minute, and joining the NFT world, to designing cool shit! Now, let’s see what the latest release is all about!

If Dunks ain’t your jam, you can check Jordan 4 UNC. It’s dropping soon! 

Fly Streetwear Dunks: Blues, Feathers, And Limes

The Fly Streetwear Dunks will drop flexing Game Royal, Grey Fog, and Sail colorways. These kicks will feature Grey leather underlays, which make them contrasting hues pop up! And these contrasting colors would be the blue suede overlays and the lime-colored heel tabs. Here comes the fun part. You won’t be getting your usual Dunks laces, but rather off-white rope laces instead. The off-white Swooshes on the laetral sides look like a feathers. Too many deets, but we can’t say we ain’t enjoying this shit! 

So, if you wanna flex these dope joints, make sure you get the right sizing! Once you cop them pairs, there ain’t no going back, you know. 

Release Deets

The new Fly Streetwear Dunks will drop on March 25, 2023. These babies will also retail for $120. You don’t have to worry about inflation, just yet. This is the case if we ain’t comparing them prices with the beginning of the 2000s though! But what you gotta worry about are them supply chain issues that have been pushing dope drops, like the new Travis Scot Jordan 1, back over and over again. Anyway, you also need to know that these Dunks ain’t just a hot flex, but they can make some good money, especially if you buy ‘em in bulk. These joints are currently reselling for an average of $343


Wanna Score ‘Em Fly Streetwear Dunks For Retail? 

Why would anyone buy the upcoming Fly Streetwear Dunks for resale, when they could be the ones reselling them after they bought them at retail? Good question. That person could be a rich as heck sneakerhead whose main purpose is sneaker collecting. Nothing more, nothing less. 

However, if you ain’t that filthy rich person, and you wanna make money outta the shoe reselling business, you’re at the right place! Who knows, maybe you’ll be that filthy rich fella after you start the business! But before you do that, you’ll need to learn all the ropes of sneaker-copping. Starting with getting yourself a great sneaker bot. And in Nike’s case, a kick-ass Nike bot! After that, you gotta equip yourself with some good proxies and Nike accounts, all while learning the tactics of address jigging! And don’t forget to get yourself a blazing server. We don’t want your setup to crash before you reach checkouts!

One last thing, if you wanna join a community that helps you use free tools, and give you consistent updates of upcoming hot drops, as well as updates and info on sneaker copping, you can join a sneaker cook group! Good luck shitfam!

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