BWD MSCHF Sneakers: Are They Backward Or Are They Forward?

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The sneaker industry has gone bonkers yet again fam! And let’s just say we ain’t getting many breaks between shit shows anymore. I mean, we’re still tryna process the craziness of Astro Boy’s Red Boots drop, and MSCHF hits us with another mad episode by introducing its BWD MSCHF sneakers- aka MSCHF’s two-way shoes! So, if you’re into some outlandish looks, you’re exactly where you gotta be! And let’s just say if some of the said creatives of the industry are coming up with weird designs, while others are surrounded by some serious allegations, we don’t know what to expect anymore. Now, let’s see what them kicks are all about together, shall we?


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BWD MSCHF Sneakers: A Two-Way Kicks 

Okay, we don’t wanna say that the new MSCHF BWD shoes are the most absurd kicks MSCHF has ever come out with. Because every time we say such a thing, the brand ups its game even more and surprises us with a weirder drop! 

So, the new MSCHF BWD sneakers will feature a combination of White, Red, Black, and Grey colorways. But color palettes aside, let’s talk about the actual design of this silhouette. First of all, you got an open toe box! Why? Well, in case you decided to wear ‘em BWD MSCHF sneakers from the front, of course! And that peeps is how you flex your kicks backward. But don’t worry, the brand still left room for you to wear these kicks the “normal” way. But you’ll be walking with open toe boxes as if you were wearing some kinda slides. So better leave this pair for summertime. We don’t want you catching a cold from wet feet! And let’s not forget about the hassle it takes to clean and dry such shoes. 


Anyway, in case you confused the back from the front, don’t fret about it! MSCHF thought about this design more thoroughly than you think! The kicks got a “BACKWARD” sign on them insoles for you to distinguish the two sides from each other. 

As we said before, these ain’t the only weird shoes that dropped lately! Aside from them Big Red Boots, Nintendo blew the cover off real-life Mario boots on March 10, 2023, in celebration of Mario Day. However, unlike MSCHF’s Red Boots, Mario Bboots ain’t for sale and there’s only one of them in the world. So, if you wanna have a look at them, you’ll have to visit Nintendo’s store in New York!


Release Deets 

If you wanna catch the upcoming MSCHF BWD sneakers, they will drop on April 11, 2023, through MSCHF’s app. This drop will be an exclusive one. However, we still got neither a retail price nor a resale one. However, judging by the hype Red Boots created and the shocking resale value they reached, expect nothing less from this drop! 

Not Into Bizarre Designs Like The MSCHF BWD sneakers? 

If strange designs like the upcoming MSCHF BWD sneakers don’t appeal to you much, you still got brands serving normal-looking kicks, like Nike, Jordan Brand, and Adidas. Okay, so the latter been kinda busy with its plunging share prices (which Nike seems to be taking over)! However, if rumors were to be true, Adidas might start serving sneakerheads with cool kicks again!

Anyway, as we said, you got Jordans, Dunks, and more Nike kicks dropping and creating hype every month. And let us tell you that hype ain’t for nothing! Because not only are Nike’s drops hot as heck, but they’re making resellers tons of cash on a daily basis! So, if you’re still hesitant about joining the sneaker-copping and shoe-reselling games, make sure you let go of that hesitance before you miss drop days! Skyline AJ1 and Lucky Green AJ3 are dropping soon, and we don’t want you to miss out on them! 

But how exactly can you catch such exclusive Nike drops? Well, first you gotta equip yourself with the right tools, starting with a great Nike bot. There’s a whole list of them if you don’t know where to start! Check it out here. After you make sure you got a kick-ass sneaker bot by your side, you gotta find yourself some great proxies and Nike accounts. They not only raise your odds of catching Ws but they also help keep you and your bot undetected, so you don’t get banned. Till next time shitfam! 

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