Tom Sachs Studio Rumors Drag Nike’s Reputation Along With ‘Em!

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Inflation and rising shoe prices? More frequent Nike lawsuits than villains wish they could file in such record time? Cool drops? You can find ‘em all in the sneaker industry. It’s the industry that neither takes a break nor lets anyone get a break! Take Nike’s insistence on targeting both resellers and retailers. All these and we haven’t even mentioned ‘em new dope collabs lighting up the sneaker world or how NFTs are finding their place in this same world! And now to add to Adidas’ redeeming their relationship with Kanye, we got Tom Sachs studio rumors. But sadly enough the latter rumor ain’t as promising as the first. So, let’s see what this news is all about, shall we? 


But before we dive into all of ‘em deets and start examining the certainty levels of the said rumors like the Sherlock Holmes we are. You gotta know that you can keep yourself up-to-date with all sneaker news and new drops. All you gotta do is visit our blog. And in case you been looking for your next cop, the Air Jordan 1 Lucky Green is dropping soon!  

10 Bullets And The Way Sachs Runs The Studio 

So, Tom Sachs has been known for mainly two things throughout his career. One is his successful partnership with Nike. And two is his cult-like-ran studio. But what he wasn’t known for is how much this cult-ran-studio is… culty. Okay, let’s elaborate more. It’s common fact, Tom Sachs has been running his Chinatown studio in a very unique way for three decades now. He even released a 21-minute film– Ten Bullets- that presented the way Sachs runs his studio. However, this short film is also an employee handbook. It describes all the rules employees must follow. 

These rules include the way everyone should place their items (parallel or at 90-degree angles). The way they must walk (as if it was a monastery). How they must answer to orders (with either “I understand” or “I don’t understand”). And if rules ain’t followed, employees are required to “sacrifice” some money to a piggy bank called Leatherface. It’s worth noting that this piggy bank got its name from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s villain. And staying healthy ain’t even an option in Tom Sach’s studio as well! Each and every employee has to maintain a certain diet and exercise routine!

Tom Sachs Studio Rumors And Running A Cult-Like Place Allegations 

“This place is a cult, and I mean that in the scariest, most Manson-family kind of way, in that we’re totally committed to this way of life,” said a former studio assistant in a GQ interview

And although Tom Sachs Studio believes all employees should feel safe and secure in the workplace and is committed to upholding these values,” many former employees describe their experience as scary. 

Now, this ain’t all, but former employees fired up accusations towards Tom Sachs as they recently spoke out to Curbed all about them. These accusations ranged from Sachs calling into a Nike meeting with his underwear, throwing objects at employees, constantly bringing up porn topics in the studio, and naming a storage closet a “rape room” which he later changed into a “consent room.” 

Oh, and here comes the literal bomb. A kinda messed-up story regarding Nike came up as well. Last week Complex reported that Nike had to cover a reference to slave work on the Mars yard 2.0 sneaker box in 2017! It’s said that Nike removed the phrase:  “work like a slave, order like a king, create like a god” from the sneakers’ shoeboxes just before they were shipped to their designated stores. 

“We are deeply concerned by the very serious allegations,” was Nike’s response to the Tom Sachs studio allegations. “We are in contact with Tom and his studio, seeking to better understand the situation and how these issues are being addressed,” the brand further commented. 

What Happens Now? 

Well, it doesn’t look like Nike’s making anything happen now. However, it must be said that these Tom Sachs studio rumors are serious ones and they must be investigated. And we also gotta say that such allegations might have a tremendous effect on Tom Sachs’s existing products. And they might have an even more deadly effect on upcoming drops.l

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