Rock MSCHF Big Red Boots And You’ll be Screaming Lo Hicimos!

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mschf-big-red-bootsThe fashion world has officially gone cray cray fam! You thought shit would stop at Balenciaga’s weird shenanigans? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! MSCHF took the front seat for the craziness show this week. Other brands have to work harder to overdo the hype the MSCHF Big Red Boots caused. So, if you’re a Dora fan and you wanna go all in with that impersonating shit, all you gotta do is wear them red cartoon boots and scream “Lo hicimos” as if your life depends on it! 

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MSCHF Big Red Boots: Dora Or Astro Boy?

Now they did warn us of something called Long COVID. But we sure as shit didn’t expect the after-effects of the pandemic would be this crazy! Anyway, these “Cartoon boots for a Cool 3D World” went viral so there must be something special about them. Well, according to MSCHF, what’s special about them is their representation, which is “Cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality. If you kick someone in these boots they go BOING!” And boing our brain went! 

Today we won’t go into the “these kicks feature” ritual but rather give you a near-exact reference that’ll do the whole job. Aside from Dora’s special red boots, if you go back in your childhood memories you’ll probably come across Astro Boy. Ah how we love us some nostalgic moments.. Anyway, these MSCHF Red Boots are the real version of Astro Boy’s y’all! We shit you not. So, if you’re into that kinda pair of shoes, let’s rocket! 

Oh and one more thing, if you’re aiming to actually wear them, that might be for life… So, think twice before you take such a decision. What are we talking about, you ask? Well, a man literally got stuck in those boots and couldn’t get them off. And that thing was documented, you can check the video here

Release Deets 

If you’re waiting on MSCHF Big Red Boots to drop, you gotta ready up ‘cause they’ll hit ‘em shelves on February 16, 2023. They’ll also retail for $350. But you know where the mind-blowing part is? These joints are reselling for an average of $1,240 on the aftermarket! 

mschf-big-red-boots-2023If Not Cartoon Big Red Boots, Then What? 

If you wanna flex ‘em cartoonish Red Boots then be MSCHF’s guest. But if you’re more into normal-looking kicks, then Jordan Brand would be more than glad to cover that for you! 2023’s drop list is expanding more and more every day as well as resellers’ pockets! Them kicks ain’t only serving looks but they’re also serving great cash. And in case you’re looking for a near drop, you got Jordan 4 Craft dropping tomorrow. Not that near? You can either go for the Black and white Jordans or the Cool Grey Jordan 6

But how exactly can you catch these Jordans at retail? Because let’s be realistic, highly-coveted kicks like these don’t drop every day. And you definitely can’t catch them the good ol’ typical way (manually)! First, you’ll need to get yourself a Nike bot that’s doing good in the business. Just like TSB. And in case news hasn’t reached you yet, let’s tell you that The Shittiest Bot in town been cooking real well. Just yesterday TSB hit a new record with 1000s of Seafoam checkouts. Check it all out here

Shit doesn’t stop here, however. You’ll need more than a powerful Nike bot to raise them odds at catching Ws. Great proxies are one, followed by Nike accounts. They exist so that your bot doesn’t get discovered followed by the ban of your life. And since Nike been choking resellers with all their policies and shit, then by its DTC strategy, trust us when we say, all we mentioned is sacred for sneaker copping.

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