AF1 Mid Off White Pine Green: Every Sneakerhead’s Dream Kicks!

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From Big Red Boots and MSCHF’s two-way sneakers to unconventional Nike designs and cool collabs. The sneaker industry sure doesn’t leave a place for dullness! And the second you think everything is going smoothly- consistent Nike drops, and hot Jordan releases- shit starts hitting the fan outta nowhere. What are we talking about here, you ask? Well take a look at 2023’s sneaker recap and you’ll get a glimpse of the emotional rollercoaster we been living through ever since this year began. Okay, shit been hitting the fan way before that (here’s a recap of 2022’s sneaker news) but you get the memo. However, we won’t be talking about depressive crap today. On the contrary, we’re gonna introduce one of the dopest upcoming sneaker drops: AF1 Mid Off White Pine Green! And it’s dropping soon fam.. according to rumors, that is! So, let’s check all of ‘em deets together! 


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AF1 Mid Off White Pine Green Be Serving Looks 

The new AF1 Mid Off White Pine Green features Pine Green and White colorways. Pine Green leather covers the uppers, while White covers the Swooshes, midsoles, OFF brandings, and candle logos on the heels. All this and we haven’t even mentioned the coolest part about these kicks! So, you know how a Virgil Abloh design ain’t ever complete without an additional special touch. And these sneakers’ special touch appears on the midsole and outsole. Former comes featuring melting midsoles, while the rubber outsole features literal spikes!


Release Deets 

Rumor has it that the upcoming Off White Air Force 1 Mid Green will drop on March 30, 2023. But one thing you gotta know about sneaker release dates is that they ain’t set in stone. Especially with them supply chain issues hitting harder than ever before. These joints will also retail for around $185. We’re being probable about the price because just like supply chain issues are affecting dates , we got inflation affecting shoe prices.

Now, whether these babies are dropping for more than their retail value or not. You have to know they’re worth every dime you pay! Because not only are they a good flex, but they can make you great money on the aftermarket, especially if you cop in bulk. They’re currently reselling for an average of $326. So, who knows maybe these Off White AF1 kicks are the ones that finally get you into the shoe reselling business

How To Score The New AF1 Mid Off White Pine Green For Retail? 

Unless you wanna pay for nearly double their retail price by buying the new AF1 Mid Off White Pine Green sneakers off resale websites like StockX and GOAT, you gotta learn how to cop ‘em for retail. And since most of Nike’s stock now drops on Nike SNKRS due the brand’s DTC strategy, you have to learn how exactly you can cop them off Nike’s official website. Because one thing you should keep in mind is that Nike drops are as crappy as it gets. So, you gotta equip yourself  with the right tools before drop day. Tools as in the right Nike bot, as well as great proxies and Nike accounts. These 3 are the basic ingredients for a good ol’ sneaker copping experience. However, never forget that a server can be the reason your whole setup breaks, and vice versa. So choose your server well! Good luck fam!

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