Off White Futura Dunks Auction: The Talk Of The Sneaker World!

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The sneaker industry is the industry that never sleeps. You got hot kicks dropping around the clock, a lil bit of drama here and there, some cool new collabs, and then you got sneaker auctions. One more thing you gotta know about the industry is that you never leave open seats for competitors to take over! Take Adidas as the greatest example. Its hasty decision of letting Ye go left the brand struggling with plummeting sales due to unsold Yeezy stock! And the worst part, for the Three Stripes at least, Nike saw a vacant place in the market and took it over. So, y’all can say Adidas’ loss was Nike’s gain. All that aside now, we’re gonna focus on good news today fam. Off White Futura Dunks is finally getting a public release through the Off White Futura Dunks auction. off-white-futura-dunks-auction

However, they ain’t gonna drop on Nike SNKRS the usual way y’all. And only eight pairs are gonna be auctioned! So, let’s check all of ‘em deets together to know all the hows and whens, shall we? 

Off White Futura Dunks Auction: One-Of-A-Kind Kicks

Y’all must know that Virgil Abloh x Futura Dunks collab is one of the most-coveted collaborations out there. So, the kicks in question were first seen in Off White’s 2020 Spring/Summer collection, in 2019. However, they were exclusive to the PLASTIC collection. But, a week ago, the Swoosh and Futura Laboratories announced their partnership with Sotheby’s on the auctioning of eight pairs of the rare Futura x Off-White x Nike Dunk Lows.

So, Nike and Futura’s collab resulted in the creation of two different colorways of Off White Futura Dunks, each telling a unique color story. One pair is inspired by the signature colors of Tar Heels, all while paying tribute to the Be True To Your School pack. While the other pair nods to the Danny Supa Nike SB Dunk Low. Which is a shoe Nike dropped in 2002 and was inspired by the professional skateboarder Danny Supa’s love for the Mets. 


This collab brings together a combination of art, sports, and sneaker trends. So, sneakerheads, for the first time you’ll get your own pair of the Off White Futura Dunk. But the catch is that only 8 of you will be lucky enough to finally get your hands on those highly-coveted kicks!

Futura further stated, concerning this auction, “I hope to honor my friendship with Virgil and our creative collaborative work. Thank you SOTHEBY’s for hosting this charitable event. And most importantly, thank you SHANNON for moving this project forward. VIRGIL FOREVER!!”

What More Do You Need To Know About Off White Futura Dunks Auction?

Okay fam, so regarding Off White Futura Dunks auction date, you have from April 5, at 10 am ET, till April 16, 2023, to place your bids at And naturally, returns from this auction will go to the Virgil Abloh Foundation.

What Other Alternatives Have You Got?

Y’all gotta know that although bidding might start at $1. Possibilities of the new Off White Futura Dunks’ worth reaching thousands of dollars are really high! I mean, the reselling market should be proof enough. Take the Nike SB Dunk Low Staple NYC Pigeon, for instance. It dropped in limited pairs in 2005, and they’re now worth $38,000 on the aftermarket. And if you want a recent example of similar auctions, you can take a look at Notorious BIG Jordan 13’s auction. Some pairs sold for $32,760!

So, what can you do in this situation? Well, if you ain’t a sneakerhead with some old money to pay for such a pair of kicks, don’t worry, you still got a place in the sneaker culture! In fact, this same culture is built on collecting and reselling hot hyped kicks. So, why not be one of the members that make hundreds of dollars in one go on the aftermarket? Now, you might be asking how exactly can you achieve that.

Well, first you gotta know that copping for retail is the key. And to do that, you need to have a great sneaker bot. However, if you’re only aiming to buy Nike and Jordan, a Nike bot is your way to go! And there’s a whole list of them! Till next time peeps! 

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