Answering What Is Captcha: Its Role, Types, and Influence on Sneaker Botting

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So, when we talk about the sneaker industry, so many things go under that umbrella. This includes sneaker bots, proxies, servers, applications like Nike’s SNKRS app, and so on. One more thing that also goes into this equation is CAPTCHA. The puzzle that messes with us all! So what is CAPTCHA and why do you, as a sneakerhead, need to worry about it?

No matter how long you’ve been copping and reselling sneakers, you must have had the pleasure of solving CAPTCHAs. Identifying traffic lights or crosswalks in a grid of images, and checking little boxes to prove you’re not a robot. Meet Captcha, the first line of defense against bots, all kinds of bots, especially sneaker bots!


So, CAPTCHA stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a type of challenge-response test used in website security. This slightly annoying tool for us online shoppers serves to differentiate between human users and automated bots.

It is a response-validation system that aims to prevent online abuse and spamming. And if we’re to make this about sneakers, CAPTCHAs are used, excessively if you ask us, on most sneaker sites you would cop kicks from. To “Keep the game fair”, and not give any shoppers an advantage over others.

But not all CAPTCHA puzzles or challenges are the same. Here’s a quick look at their types.

captcha-types-sneaker-bottingText-based CAPTCHA

Text CAPTCHAs were the first type we’ve encountered in the digital world, telling apart humans from bots. Those sneaky little puzzles could use either familiar words or phrases or even random mixes of numbers and letters. So, how do they work? Well, it’s all about presenting these characters in a way that’s twisted. Literally! They might even throw in some fancy graphics like color splashes, or some lines and spots. All this madness not only confuses those nifty bots with minimal text recognition tech but let’s be honest, it also makes us squint a bit, doesn’t it?


Remember the text-based CAPTCHAs? Well, the maestros thought it was time for a change, which is how Image-based CAPTCHAs were born! These creative cyber checks use familiar graphic elements, like photos of critters, shapes, or picturesque scenes. The catch? You need to pick out images that follow a specific theme or spot the odd ones out.

So, here’s the scoop about image-based CAPTCHAs – they’re typically a piece of cake for us folks to decipher compared to the text-based ones. But pals who struggle with their vision find them a bit of a stumbling block. As for the bots, or sneaker bots well, they’ve got it tough! Besides needing to recognize the images, these wily programs also have to make sense of the whole thing. However, recent updates in the artificial intelligence field helped sneaker bots beat all sorts of image CAPTCHAs.

captcha-sneaker-bottingAudio CAPTCHA

Want to hear something cool? Enter the world of Audio CAPTCHAs! Crafted as a workaround for our friends with visual difficulties, these vocal CAPTCHAs come to the rescue either solo or teamed up with their text and image-based counterparts. Picture this – or ‘hear this’: a voice floats a stream of letters or numbers your way and you type ’em in. proving you ain’t no bot!

Now, you might wonder, ‘How’s that fooling¬† bots?’ Well, here’s the deal: CAPTCHA makers bet some good money on the fact that bots can’t tell a senorita from static! And just like their text-based relatives, these audio challenges sometimes prove quite the head-scratcher for us humans, not just the bots!

Math or Word Problems

Ever had a CAPTCHA pop up and ask you to add “3+4”? Yeah, we’re talking about little math problems. The idea is that a bot would bumble around trying to figure out what the question even is. Let alone figure out the right answer! Or how about when a CAPTCHA asks you to fill in the missing word? Yep, those are word problems in disguise, buddy! And those naughty bots might find them a piece of cake to crack!


Shoutout to Google for this user-friendly CAPTCHA variant! This type’s got a checkbox simply stating, “I am not a robot”. Easy peasy, right? You just have to tick that box. The genius part is, that it keeps an eye on your actions, figuring out if they feel more like human behavior or more bot-like activity. If your behavior seems a bit sus, you will have to face the image selection CAPTCHA.

im-not-a-sneaker-botCaptchas Vs. Sneaker Botting

Sneaker botting poses as a significant concern for exclusive high-demand shoe releases. These sneaker bots complete purchase processes faster than any human could manage. All in an attempt to buy bulk quantities of coveted sneakers before manual customers have a chance. This often leads to rapid stock depletion and extravagant reselling prices on secondary markets. It’s neither fair nor fun for sneakerheads without a bot. But then again, powerful sneaker bots such as TSB are available, affordable, and can get you all sorts of kicks at retail prices.

The thing is, sneaker botting was “frowned upon” a while back, but now with bots ruling all sorts of releases, it’s only logical to get a bot and join the party. And in addition to getting all the kicks you want, in bulk, all at retail price, CAPTCHA won’t bother you as much with a bot. Sneaker bots are built to automatically and quickly solve CAPTCHAs on your behalf.

So as much as you wanna play it safe, or fair, it ain’t fait for you to miss out on all those releases, and all the profit you could be making.

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