Nike Ja 1 Day One: A Game Changer Sneaker!

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ja-1-day-oneNike’s always been one to support talents and uprising superstars. It’s like the Swoosh got a detector that locates emerging talent. Or maybe the Swoosh just loves supporting people with great potential. It’s the brand that believed in the NBA GOAT when Adidas dismissed him, after all! And it’s the same brand releasing a Nike AIR movie revolving around and paying tribute to Michael Jordan himself! However, it looks like we got another shoe that is a total game-changer for both young basketball players and fans. Which is Ja Morant’s signature shoe, the Nike Ja 1 Day One! So, let’s see what them kicks are all about together, shall we? 

But before we dive into all of ‘em deets, you gotta know that you always got alternatives when it comes to cool sneaker drops. You can check the upcoming AJ11 Cement Grey, and AJ3 Wizards. And if you wanna keep up with sneaker news and new drops, our blog’s here for ya!

Nike Ja 1 Day One: The Pefect Fit For Players

The Nike Ja 1 Day 1 is actually an updated version of the original Air Jordan 1 with a unique design inspired by Morant’s journey to the NBA and his home state, South Carolina. This shoe drop might just be a reflection of Morant’s rising fame and the possibility of him becoming the future face of the NBA league! It’s a reflection of the future of basketball sneaker culture

Nike Ja 1 Day One will feature Citron Tint, Medium Soft Pink, Diffused Blue, Hot Punch, and Cobalt Bliss colorways. Mesh covers the uppers, while a gradient Swoosh wraps around the kicks. Aside from how the pair looks, this Nike Ja 1 was specifically designed for players to stay in control. It also got lockdown advantages that help reduce force while landing. Learn more about this sneaker’s features here!


Release Deets 

The new Nike Ja 1 Day One was previously set to drop on April 1, 2023. But supply chain issues might be the reason for their delay until April 19, 2023. Well, at least this delay wasn’t for months the way Travis Scott’s Jordan 1s were. Petty we are… Anyway, these kicks will retail for $110. Pretty affordable for a world being hit with inflation, right? Well, expensive or not, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth either way. Because aside from them kicks being a dope flex, they’re reselling for a minimum of $692 on the aftermarket (! So, who knows, these might be the kicks that finally get you into the shoe wrestling business!

How To Catch The Ja 1 Day One For Retail? 

Y’all have an idea how crappy Nike drops are? Well, if you’re in to catch the new Nike Ja 1 Day One for retail, then you’ll discover this yourself. However, you going blindfolded and trying to cop manually on drop day is just disastrous. Or more like, nothing much would happen, except you taking one L after the other. So, to dodge that bullet, and raise your odds at copping these babies, you gotta get yourself a great Nike bot

And if you’re dead serious about your sneaker-copping game, you gotta equip yourself with some  proxies and Nike accounts. One more thing before we leave you to it, a sneaker server can either make or break your whole setup. So, make sure you choose that one right. Good luck shitfam!

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