Nike Dunk vs SB Dunk: What Sets ’em Apart? Spot the Digs Now!

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2023 was undeniably ‘The Year Of Dunk’! HOT collabs with BIG names such as Supreme, Jarritos, Born x Raised, & Yuto Horigome took place! Those drops brought us awesome aesthetics and crazy resale profits! Lucky us, 2024 Dunk releases are keeping that heat alive! But amidst the excitement, one burning question persists: What’s the difference between Dunks and SB Dunks? This Nike Dunk vs SB Dunk guide will answer us.

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Nike Skateboarding Saga: Birth of the Moment

Much like Air Jordans, the Nike Dunk Low quickly became one of the Swoosh’s hottest lifestyle silhouettes. Despite many big brands attempting to replicate its success, none could! 

Destined for the hardwood, the first Dunk dropped in 1985. But as basketball styles evolved, the Dunk lost momentum. So, how did Dunks find their way into skateboarding?

What Does Nike SB Mean? 

For newbies, one burning question is: What does Nike SB mean? SB stands for skateboarding, a line of Nike shoes designed specifically for skating. Featuring advanced design and performance compared to regular Dunks.

Nike’s Skateboarding History

In the ’80s, skateboarding was still niche, with few shoes designed for it. Nike basketball kicks were more IN thanks to their durability and flat soles. Then in 1996, Nike’s first trial with skating was a failure due to below-average performance. 4 years later, Nike bought Savier, a small skate shoe brand, another step that failed paving the way for Nike SB.

Then Nike founders, with Sandy Bodecker leading the way, launched Nike SB in 2001.
Perfectly focusing on authenticity and community. The SB team, including Gino Iannucci and Richard Mulder, emphasized enduring skaters. Since then, Nike SB dunks have become the ride-or-die for every skater!

Enters the SB Dunks’ first big collaboration with Supreme in 2002. The iconic elephant print Dunks fast became one of the rarest Dunks ever released!

Nike Dunk vs SB Dunks: Let’s Dish The Differencesnike sb vs dunk

At first glance, the Nike SB Dunk looks much like a regular Dunk, with a similar silhouette and colorways. But key differences make them unique. So, here are the major ones.

Midsoledifferences between dunks and sb dunks

  • SB Dunk: Zoom Air pod at the heel, Poron foam at the forefoot for more cushioning and responsiveness.
  • Regular Dunk: Basic foam midsoles.

Outsole Sole SwitchNike Skateboarding Outsole

  • SB Dunk: Concentric curved tread pattern with increased rings for flexibility and grip.
  • Regular Dunk: Solid rubber outsole.


  • SB Dunk: Thick, padded tongue with elastic straps for a secure fit.
  • Regular Dunk: Slim mesh or nylon tongue.Nike SB vs Dunk Tongue Laces


  • SB Dunk: Round, puffy laces for durability.
  • Regular Dunk: Flat laces of varying widths.

Collabs and Exclusivity

Naturally, Nike SB Dunks are more expensive and exclusive than their regular counterparts. Thanks to their specialized design and top-notch materials. What sets them apart even more are the epic collabs they often launch with big skateboarding names. In 2023, April Skateboarding and Crenshaw Skate Club stole the spotlight. This year, we’re in for a treat with Olympic champ Rayssa Leal and legendary graffiti artist Futura. Promising jaw-dropping designs like never before! 

SB Dunk vs Dunk: Who’s The Winner?

Simply put, both SB and regular Dunks have their place in the sneaker industry. However, if you’re after standout designs and making some sweet cash, SB Dunks might be the way to go. 

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