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Tired of those endless harsh Ls in scoring Nike Dunks? Seeking worthy alternatives? Look no further. Although Nike dunks are irreplaceable in collabs, style trends, and in the resale game, snagging these gems is a real challenge.  So, if your copping skills are lacking, fear not! We’ve done the work for you. Explore top shoes like Dunks, saving you time and effort! Nike Dunk alternatives

Shoes Like Dunks:  Top 7 Alternatives To Save You!

Recently, we discussed the Jordan 1 Reps that are invading the industry. However, today, when we talk about shoes like Dunks, we’re referring to OG options from well-known brands. Sharing similar designs and features. So, feel free and safe to pick your one!

  • Shoes Like Dunks: Nike Air Force 1

Retail Price: Nike Price Guide
Where To Buy: Best Online Spotsshoes like dunks AF1

Basically, Nike Dunks and AF1s stand out as basketball titans. Yet their clash began long ago. While both boast rarity, sleek design, and top-notch performance, AF1s are more readily available at retail. Distinguishingly, Air Force 1s integrate Nike’s iconic Air bubbles for enhanced comfort, making them an excellent alternative to Dunks.

  • New Balance Shoes That Look Like Dunks: New Balance 550

Retail Price: $110
Where To buy: NewBalance.comNew balance 550 dunk alternative

So, the New Balance 550, though not a Dunk twin like the Air Force 1, shares a similar ’80s basketball-inspired, robust design and retro vibe. Discontinued in 1989 and revived in 2021, its sought-after original colorways make a statement. New Balance’s 650, a high-top alternative, aligns closer with Dunk High. In essence, these New Balances offer a fitting Dunk-style alternative.

  • Shoes That Look Like Dunks: DC Manteca 4 

Retail Price: $38
Where To buy: DCshoes.comDC Manteca 4 

Another top Dunk alternative is the DC Manteca. With classic 2000s skate style, re-released by DC Shoes in various colorways, including leather and super suede options. Ideal for medium to wider feet, excelling in skate performance. Simply put, it’s a must-have for Dunk fans seeking a similar vibe.

  • Shoes Like Nike Dunks: Reebok BB 4000 II

Retail Price: $90
Where To buy:shoes like dunks Reebok BB 4000 II

Turning to basketball, the Reebok BB 4000 II, originally designed for the court in the ’80s, rocks a retro style with classic colors akin to Nike’s Dunks. Many designs feature leather uppers with vibrant overlays. And some suede options resemble popular Nike SBs. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly Dunk alternative, offering style without a hefty price tag.

  • Dunks Look Alikes: BAPE SK8 Sta

Retail Price: $180
Where To buy: Reebok.comBAPE SK8 Sta

Switching to another Dunk-worthy option, we have the BAPE SK8 Sta. Without a basketball legacy and a price point akin to Dunks, its allure lies in its striking design similarity. Every panel and detail mirrors the Dunk, with the shooting star on the side as a prime example. Though not identical, it’s a close match to Nike’s iconic Swoosh. With many colorway options, it’s a top non-Nike pick for Dunk fans to mix up your collection.

  • Shoes That Look Like Dunks: Adidas Forums

Retail Price: $90
Where To buy:
Adidas Forum

Closing the list on a high, here’s a Dunk alternative born from the ongoing sneaker giants’ battle. Adidas brings back its Forum basketball shoe, launched in 1984, to take on the Dunk. Indeed, with a retro leather style, various designs, and a competitive price, the Forum stands out. Unlike hard-to-find Dunks, it’s easy to get on Adidas’ website. While Adidas lacks the famous Swoosh logo, it makes up for it with affordable prices, easy availability, and diverse collaborations.

And1 Low: A New Dunk Knockoff Causing Buzz

Recently, Crystal Ault’s viral video promoting And1 Low Top Basketball Shoes from Walmart sparked controversy. Describing it  as a budget-friendly alternative to Nike While Ault defends her choice, sneaker collectors criticize the imitation, deeming it a “shoe of shame.” Despite the backlash, Ault receives positive feedback and encouragement amid the mixed responses to her Instagram post. Check out the full story with the video right here.And1 Low basketball shoe

Why Go For Alternatives When OG Dunks Are Within Reach?

Now, even though we presented several alternatives to shoes like Dunks, this may not be the optimal solution. Certainly, the true answer lies in leveling up your sneaker-copping skills and catching those dunks on retail. Basically, Dunks bless resellers with shitloads of easy cash, unlike those substitutes. So, why not join them? Currently, powerful Nike bots, like TSB, dominate the retail game. They stand as the singular key to avoiding SNKRS struggles. Learn everything on sneaker botting right here & get ready to snag the hottest upcoming Nike dunks ever!

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