Rammellzee Supreme Dunks: Will They Bring The Hype Back?

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Many consider Supreme dead. The hype this brand used to create on the aftermarket was outta this world. However, things have been dull in that aspect for years now. But this does not deny the fact that Supreme is and will continue to be the undying classic it is today. With this said, sneakerheads recently raised their hopes and went on alert mode when Supreme switched to Shopify. And then they raised those hopes up even more when they heard of a Supreme x SB Dunk collab coming soon! So, let’s see what the new Supreme Dunks Rammellzee is all about shall, we? 

Before we do that though, if Dunks ain’t on your wishlist this time, you can check what Jordan brand has in store for its Summer lineup. The list is literal fire fam!


Nike Supreme Dunks Rammellzee: The Artistic Touch Your Collection Needs 

As we mentioned above, Supreme’s hype on the resale market took quite a hit. But in reality, this doesn’t affect the brand directly. Products sell out either way (but not in the record time they use to sell out in before). It got nothing to gain from the aftermarket either way. But, what it did lose is the awareness and spotlight the market and sneakerheads offered the brand. 

Now, y’all must know collabs are Supreme’s specialty. And today, the brand flexes this specialty by unveiling Rammellzee Supreme Dunks. These kicks feature various artwork by the late American visual artist- Rammellzee, as a base- overlaid in Black suede covering the lacing systems, Swooshes, mudguards, and tongues.


Release Deets

What deets have we got so far regarding these babies? Well, rumor has it that the new Rammellzee Supreme Dunks will drop sometime in July 2023, for $130. But you gotta know that them supply chain issues can mess up release dates really well. So, if these kicks get pushed back, don’t be surprised. However, the wait is definitely worth it as such a cool pair usually has a great resale value on the aftermarket. And one way to follow up with drop dates is by joining a cook group.

How To Get Nike Rammellzee Supreme Dunks?

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