Nike Dunk High Vs Low: Who’s Your Ride Or Die In The Game?

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In every corner of our vast world, there’s always one undisputed champ. In the sneaker game, that throne belongs to Nike Dunks! After four decades, they still reign as the most coveted sneakers globally. Despite attempts by other brands to mimic their hype, none have succeeded in dethroning them. From A-list collabs to trendsetters’ top picks, Nike Dunks have it all and more. But in the ever-evolving sneaker world, there will always be battles for supremacy. Recently, we witnessed the Dunks vs. AF1s clash. Today, it’s a whole new level: Nike Dunk High vs Low.  Let’s settle this showdown once and for all!Low Dunk vs High Dunks

Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Origins

Back in ’85, basketball was king, with Air Jordans ruling the court. But snagging a pair was like finding gold dust. So, Nike cooked up a plan. Enter Peter Moore, who mashed together the Air Jordan 1, Nike Terminator, and Nike Legend to birth the Nike Dunk.

The first Nike Dunk collection was a nod to some of the best NCAA basketball teams. All 8 colorways in the collection were tributes to UNLV, Michigan, St. John’s, Syracuse, Iowa, Kentucky, and Georgetown! Originally intended for college teams exclusively, however, these babies were more popular than Nike expected!nike dunks high and lows

If you’re craving a deeper dive into Nike’s rich history, look no further than this ultimate blog!

Nike Dunk High vs Low

Picking a side in the Nike Dunk High vs. Low face-off is like navigating a maze. But we’ll simplify that comparison for you. 

But before diving into details, these guides are your ultimate destination for everything about this classic Nike silhouette.

Who’s Calling the Shots in Skateboarding?

As strange as it sounds, the Dunk’s triumph diverged from its basketball roots to find a niche in skateboarding. So, the Swoosh initially struggled to enter the SB industry. Yet, Sandy Bodecker‘s move SB Dunk launch flipped the scene in 2001. 

Today, the Dunk Low reigns supreme among skateboarders worldwide, overshadowing Nike high top dunks. Leading skate brands fully embrace the Dunk SB Low, seen in April SB Dunks and others. Even Olympic figures like Yuto Horigome and upcoming Rayssa Leal favor Nike Dunk Lows.

Nike Dunk High Top vs Low: The Scoop on Features, Designs & Style

Alright, so them high top Dunks offer that stability and cushy feel, lockin’ you in with ankle support. Perfect for the tough crowd who like their kicks sturdy.

But, on the other hand, they could weigh you down and kinda cramp your style with that ankle collar.

As for the lows are all about that free-flowin’ vibe, lightweight and bendy. Exactly what skaters and quick-footed players need. Sure, they ain’t as cushiony or durable, but they’re versatile as heck.

So, it’s like this, Highs and Lows, they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum! Highs give you support and a soft landing, but they’re heavy and limit your fashion game. Lows, though? They’re easy-breezy and match with anything, perfect for chillin’ out in style.

Hype, Resale Value & Collabs

If you’ve ever checked out the rarest Dunks, you’ll notice both Highs and Lows hold their own rankings. But for a couple of years now, the Lows have been stealing the spotlight. Scoring A-list collaborations and killer colorways

So, with all that hype, it’s no surprise that Dunk Lows are a top pick for resellers. Hit up aftermarket sites, and you’ll see the lows ruling the bid game.

But here’s the kicker, check out sneaker forums like Reddit, and you’ll find the dunk high Nike still holding a special spot in sneakerheads’ hearts. 

Simply put, if you’re after the hype, you’ve got two options. But if cash is king, the Dunk Lows are where it’s at.

Here we’ve got you the best Nike Dunk Low and High dominating the aftermarket for quite some time!

Nike SB Dunk Low Grateful Dead Bears OrangeBest Dunk Lows

  • Release Date: July, 2020
  • Retail Price: $110
  • AVG Resale: $3,121

Nike Dunk High Pro SB Unklebest dunk highs

  • Release Date: September, 2004
  • Retail Price: $70
  • AVG Resale: $2,511

Low Dunk vs High Dunks: Making The Call

In the timeless debate between Dunk Highs and Dunk Lows, there’s no right or wrong. It’s about your personal taste and lifestyle needs. But let’s be real, owning both? That’s the ultimate flex!

Now, when it comes to snagging those hyped releases, you’ve gotta be strategic. Whether you’re team Highs or team Lows, they’re flying off the shelves very fast. That’s why sneaker bots are the real MVPs here.

Curious to learn more? Check out our ultimate guide on sneaker botting and start leveling up your sneaker game! Until next time, fam!

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