Nike Clotez Forest Gump: The Trilogy Ends Here!

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nike-clotez-forest-gumpNike Clotez will be hitting the shelves for the third time this year fam! And what a lucky year this is! Well for Nike and its fans at least. Because let’s just say, the other sneaker giant (Adidas) been a lil bit busy wrapping its head around a whirlwind of shitty events. And the trigger of it all was Adidas’ giving up on Ye. Which led to the brand taking a nosedive into the shittiest of events. Here’s a recap of all that’s happened since the beginning of this year to help keep you up-to-date with sneaker news. Anyway, let’s not lose track and find out what the new Nike Clot Cortez Forest Gump is all about, shall we?

Nike Clotez Forest Gump: The Classic You Need To Add To Your Collection

You gotta know that this ain’t the first time these kicks drop. In fact, the new Nike Clotez Forest Gump will complete and wrap up the trilogy. Nike paid homage to CLOT as it first introduced the Black and White Clot Cortez– the Kung Fu-inspired kicks. Matter of fact, the unique part about the three Nike Clotez sneaker designs, is that you can split ‘em apart and they’ll become Kung Fu-like kicks. So, the Black and White dropped on February 10, 2023. 

Following this drop, on March 10, 2023, Bruce Lee Nike Clotez dropped, flexing Yellow and Black colorways. This pair dropped as a nod to the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee. And if you’re wondering where this colorway came from, it was inspired by the yellow suit he wore in his movie, Game of Death. 

Last but not least, we have the upcoming Nike Clotez Forest Gump. And from the name, you’d know where this pair got its inspiration from. It was the pair of classic kicks Tom Hank wore in his movie Forrest Gump. So, unlike the previous two pairs, these kicks feature three colorways, Blue, Red, and White (Forrest Gump’s color scheme). 

Release Deets 

The new Forest Gump Clot Nike Clotez will drop on April 14, 2023, for $150. And if you know anything about sneaker collecting, you’ll know that these classics belong to every sneakerhead’s collection. It’s also worth noting that, these babies are currently reselling for an average of $170


How To Score The New Nike Clot Cortez For Retail? 

When it comes to Nike drops, you gotta forget manual copping exists. That thing introduces you to new definitions of what taking Ls means. So, to raise your odds at catching Ws, you gotta invest in a great Nike bot. And if you’re dead serious about your botting game, get yourself some good proxies and Nike accounts. And if you wanna stay in the loop, keeping track of sneaker news and new hot drops, a cook group is the way to go. Good luck fam!

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