IVY PARK’s Split With Adidas Sends Ripples Through The Industry!

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Aaand here we go again! Adidas’ self-sabotage shit show just took another leap peeps. We don’t know what to say at this point if we’re being honest. It started with the Three Stripes terminating its partnership with Kanye West, then all went downhill from there! This one act itself sent one of the greatest sneaker giants stumbling over and trying its hardest to stay upright. Because on one hand, it got plummeting sales. While on the other, it’s finding a hard time coming out with a solution for its €513-worth of piled-up Yeezy stock! Maybe rumors of taking Ye back ain’t true after all, as nobody said anything about that matter till now. So, to add to all this misery, several days ago, Beyoncé ended her partnership with Adidas! Could this get any worse? Let’s hope not! 


What Is IVY PARK? 

IVY PARK is a clothing line launched by Beyoncé and Topshop in 2016. However, in 2018, the American singer gained full ownership of the brand. One year later, Adidas and IVY PARK collaborated, and the cultural impact they made together was a great one. But just like in stories, after each climax of events, there are falling actions. And in IVY PARK’s case, it seems like the potential between the two ran out with time, and the result is an IVY PARK Adidas split. So, let’s see how events added up together to lead to a mutual agreement on ending this partnership with each other. 

IVY PARK Adidas Split: The When, The Why, and The How?

Financial-wise, IVY PARK been losing shitloads of money the last couple of years. As in stock didn’t sell out as expected. Let’s talk numbers so we get the image more. In 2021, IVY PARK did $93 Million in sales. And when a brand scores such a high number, it’s only right to forecast an even higher number for the following year. And that’s exactly what Beyoncé did. She expected her line to make $250 million in sales in 2022. But all it did was nearly $40 million! And the $335 million in sales, previous projections showed, became $63 Million in 2023’s estimations!


But this wasn’t the only reason Beyoncé called it quits with Adidas. What finally pulled the trigger for taking such a decision, according to sources, was the disagreements that happened between both brands on the way to market IVY PARK. The Swoosh wanted to go Kanye x Adidas way, but Queen B disagreed as she thought this way doesn’t suit her. Because for one, Beyonce herself doesn’t make many appearances wearing outfits from her own clothing line. So those paparazzi shots can’t work the way they did with Kanye. Keeping in mind, those shots are the main reason for most of the hype Yeezy drops created. 

IVY PARK Ends Partnership With Adidas: What Happens Now? 

Okay, so since the IVY PARK Adidas split is a thing now, Beyonce got an annual compensation worth $20 Million. Looks like the Swoosh is stuck in quicksand. The more the brand moves, the worse its situation becomes. That aside, for Adidas to kick-start its recovery plan, its two best plans are to either bring Ye back or sell that Yeezy stock sitting in its warehouses. Or look for a hype-worthy collab to bring the brand back to life as much as possible.

However, you as a sneakerhead, don’t have to sit and wait for some miracle to happen. Such downturns can take time to recover from. So, what y’all can do is search for brands that are kinda stable in the industry, and whose main focus is dropping dope kicks. You got Nike and Jordan Brand fitting this category just right. So, maybe the former likes to stir some drama from time to time, but the difference here is that drama lies within its scope of gains

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