Tastiest Food Themed Sneakers That’ll Make You Drool!

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Time to feed those cravings in style, fam! Why rock basic kicks when you can flex in shoes with more flavor than a taco truck? The sneaker game has been dropping fire food themed sneakers over the years. A blend of kicks and grub, two of life’s top pleasures!

It’s like a cultural feast and a resale profit move all in one. From exclusive Nike food collabs to Adidas dishing out soloitious vibes, we’ve got kicks inspired by everything! From fancy lobster dinners to breakfast cereals, covering all tastes for sneakerheads and foodies. So, grab a seat, put that napkin in place, and dig into some of the tastiest food-inspired sneakers ever to hit the scene.food shoes

Grooviest Food Themed Sneakers to Ever Hit Pavement

Alright, fam, before we get into it, peep this: there are always alternatives in the game of themed sneakers. Whether it’s Christmas shoes or cartoon-inspired kicks, the options are endless. So, don’t sleep on checking them all out and more on our blog. Now, let’s dive into some sick food themed sneakers that are about to rock your world!

Nike Waffle Dunk High (2015) and Low (2024) 

Food-themed sneakers are nothing without a breakfast bite! Let’s start with a classic American duo – chicken and waffles! So, Nike’s got the dunk chicken and waffle high in the game. Since the 1800s, fried chicken and waffles have been hitting differently in the USA. Basically, the wild mix of crispy bird and sweet batter has sparked debates beyond American borders. But here’s the real hype – get ready for the 2024 dunk waffle to drop and set the new year on fire!

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk “Lobster” Collection (2008,2022)

Rolling in as one of 2022’s priciest Nike shoes, let’s talk about the Concepts Nike Lobster Dunks – a delectable homage to New England’s beloved crustacean. So, these bad boys bring the lobster vibes with claw bands, shell crackers, a bib, and more. Furthermore, the first 50 pairs of these themed sneakers even flaunted a lobster crate wooden special box. Not just your average sneakers, they dropped in blue, purple, yellow, and orange editions, each repping some rare sea critter vibes!

Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Chunky Dunky’ (2020)

Hittin’ 2020, the ‘Chunky Dunky’ was a sneaker bomb, peaking Nike SB Dunk hype. Therefore, non-sneakerheads wanted its novelty, flippers hustled for resale. So, beyond cultural impact, these kicks flaunt Nike SB’s whimsical Dunk style, vibing with vibrant colors and cow-hair panels.

Bacon Air Max 90 (2004) & Bacon Nike SB Dunks (2023)

Ah, the crème de la crème of food-themed sneakers: the Nike Air Max 90 ‘Bacon’. So, the legendary collab with Dave’s Quality Meats served layers of suede and leather-like primo streaky. Rockin’ a red and brown combo that’s downright tasty. Lucky for us, a Dunk Low Bacon‘s droppin’ this Christmas – time to sink our teeth in! 

END. x Saucony “Burger” (2014)

Then, we have probably one of the simplest yet most effective food shoes out there. The “Burger” Shadow 5000s from END. and Saucony in 2014. Drawing inspo from a classic hamburger, this kick is a spot-on tribute to one of the world’s greatest inventions. Straight-up, effective, and a taste of sneaker history!

Jarritos SB Dunks (2023)

In a groundbreaking fusion of fashion and flavor, this year the Jarritos Dunks reigned as one of the best Nike dunks ever!  The iconic Swoosh joined forces with the globally celebrated beverage maestro, Jarritos, to drop a sneaker sensation! Indeed, these aren’t just shoes; they’re a vibe, a sip of global coolness!

Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Cereal’ Pack (2018)

Kyrie’s Nike saga might’ve hit a rough patch, but let’s not forget those unforgettable drops. One gem? The Cereal Pack! So, in 2018, Kyrie Irving served up a nostalgia feast with three cereal-themed Nike Kyrie 4s. Kix, Lucky Charms, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch – pick your cereal vibe, and start your day on a crispy, sneaky note! 

Adidas Pepperoni Pie (2017)Adidas Pepperoni Pie

Let’s wrap this feast up with the  Adidas Pepperoni Pie (2017). An ultra rare drop blending street vibes with pizza love. Launched in ’17, these kicks serve a pepperoni pizza-inspired look with bold colors. In Adidas’ quirky lineup, it stands out, showcasing the brand’s flair for unconventional themes. Beyond footwear, it’s a tasty style statement for sneakerheads craving bold fashion.

Hungry for The Upcoming Heat?

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