What Are Jordan Retros & Which Top 7 Should You Own?

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When it comes to Jordan Retros, we’re talking about kicks that drop after the OG, which is like the untouched treasure, the original heat. You see, when Air Jordan drops a new model, that’s the OG, the real deal. But check this out – those re-releases of the OG, even if they’re looking super similar or with a little twist, those are the Retros. They sometimes feature updated tech and some material tweaks, like the OG’s cool comeback tour!

P.S. If you’re new to sneaker collecting and terms like Retro and OG have your head spinning, no worries. Get up to speed with our ultimate sneaker terminology guide.retro-jordans

How are OG Jordans Better

Being the next in line doesn’t necessarily mean being the next best in line. It’s just first-impression goggles. The OG just made it here before. But that’s just outside talk. So, if we’re talking about the inside, OGs got the winning score. Although Retros introduce new aesthetics that keep up with the times, OGs are all about authentic, top-notch material for that high-quality vibe!

The Plus Side of Jordan Retros

But if you really look at it, Retros keep the OGs alive! It’s a time-honored tradition for Jordan brand to release Retros in honor of their classics. However, let’s be real, we can’t expect every Jordan fan to flex a pair of 1985 OG Air Jordan 1 Bred! If it weren’t for Retros, those OG Jordans would be like mythical creations! Which would make this industry a billion-dollar sneaker museum! Plus, OG Jordans would lose that personal connection with fans and sneakerheads! Since they can’t wear or experience them. So, if OGs are the bid deal, think of Retros as their lasting legacy!

OG to Jordan Retro Stepping Stones!

To get a visual grip of the OG to Retro legacy, check this Air Jordan 5 Fire Red infographic! That totally makes the following epic Jordan Retros list! 

5 Classic Jordan Retros Every Sneak Freak Should Own!

Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Nothing screams Chicago Bulls like this 1985 treasure box! And Virgil Abloh’s AJ1 Off-White Chicago collab in 2017 set the Retro bar $5,323 high!

Check out this 2017 Retro collab!Retro Jordan 1 Chicago

Air Jordan 1 Bred Banned

MJ wore the AJ1 OG Bred during the 1985 Slam Dunk Contest. They got their banned reputation since Jordan was fined $5,000 per game every time he wore them. 

Well, check out its 1994 Retro!AJ1 Banned

BTW, were you lucky to cop the very close Jordan 1 Satin Bred? This ultra-rare release had sneakerheads talking after a shock drop earlier this month!

Air Jordan 3 White Cement

With its iconic elephant print, the Air Jordan 3 in White or Black Cement is a must-have for any Jordan fan with or without a jungle spirit! And speaking of jungle surprises, take a look at Justin Timberlake’s 2018 AJ3 Super Bowl Retro! Fortunately, we’ve got the most-awaited Retro Jordan, the reimagined jordan 3 white cement earlier this year! And it was straight-hyped!

However, check out the Fire AJ3 2011 Retro!Jordan 3 Cement

Air Jordan 4 Miltary Blue

Tinker Hatfield’s second creation, the Air Jordan 4, brought together style and performance. It had its unforgettable moments on and off the court. The 2006 Military Blue Jordan 4 Retro brings back the OG vibe with a dash of Jumpman swag.Jordan 4 Military Blue

And guess what? This beloved sneaker is set to make a killer comeback in 2024! Get the scoop right here!

Air Jordan 5 Fire Red

Here is where you’ll find the entire AJ5 Fire Red Retro line after the 1990 OG!

Check out its 2020 Retro!Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red

Air Jordan 11 Bred

The AJ 11 Bred is a Jordan and Space Jam classic must-have if you’ve got any class! 

Check out its 2019 Retro!AJ11-bred

However, get set for some more Jordan 11 heat this holiday season! The Jordan 11 Gratitude is about to drop, and it’s the perfect way to bring that iconic 11 back to life!

Air Jordan 12 Playoffs

Since 1996, the Air Jordan 12s, marked by MJ’s legendary Flu Game, have been a collector’s must-own Back in 2003,  the Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoffs swooped in, becoming a fan fave in the Jordan Retros lineup!Jordan 12 Playoffs

Nevertheless, don’t miss out on the Jordan 12 Retro Cherry this October, one of the extraordinary Retro Jordan will be back in action after 14 years! 

Retro Takeover: The Nike Bot You Need!

Now that we’ve got the lowdown on the top 7 must-have Retro Jordans,  it’s time to talk about how to get your hands on those hot pairs and ride that resale wave. 

With a massive collection, the Air Jordan brand keeps expanding. Every classic Jordan or OG has its branch of Retro followers. And that’s exactly where the sneaker business and resale market thrive! However, the one and only secret weapon you need is a killer Nike sneaker bot, just like TSB! For just $300/YEAR you can skyrocket your chances of Ws and kiss goodbye SNKRS fails. Better yet, that $300  can come right back to you reselling just one pair of coveted Retro Jordan! 

So, check this game-changing guide that lays it all out! And if you’re not ready for a full year, why not give the monthly subscription a spin? This holiday season holds some jaw-dropping Retro Jordans that are flipping for insane numbers on the aftermarket! Don’t miss out on this golden chance!

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