Best Red Jordans For the Love of Chicago Js! A Kicks Lava Bash!

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Some brands are so iconic, you can spot them from miles away just by their colors! For instance, when we say Tiffany & Co., you can think of Blue hues directly. Similarly, when Hermès comes to mind, you instantly think of their signature orange. In the Air Jordan’s game, one color reigns supreme: RED! With a rich history, HOT collabs, and sky-high auction prices, Red Jordans are their own legacy. So, let’s check out the best ones that have ever dropped! And if you’re looking for extra drip, our Jordan styling guide got you

Why Red Jordans Are Such a Hit?

Before we start with our list of Red Jordan, let’s start with the OG: the Air Jordan 1 Bred!Black Red Jordans

The story begins in 1984 when Michael Jordan first signed his sneaker deal. Legend has it, that MJ wore the Banned colorway despite $5,000 NBA fines per game. But leave it to Nike to turn adversity into opportunity. So, Nike spun this into a genius marketing campaign, turning Red Jordans into an instant vibe!

Despite Nike later revealing the truth with the Nike Air Ship, the legend of the Bred Jordan 1 lived on. And with their association with the Chicago Bulls, owning a pair of Red Jordan is a WIN that never gets old!

Best Red Jordans: The Real Game Spicers!

Jordan 1 ChicagoJordan 1 Chicago Red Jordans

Release Date: September 1985
Retail Price: $65
Avg Resale: $4,349

Jordan 1s need no introduction. Yet, classic colorways like Bred and Chicago always steal the spotlight like no other! The Chicago colorway, in particular, sparks a copping war every time it drops.  Since its debut in 1985, it’s been an instant hit. In fact, a game-worn pair of OG Jordan 1 Chicagos even fetched a whopping $560,000 at auction, solidifying their legendary status. You can check out Jordan 1 Chicago history right here!

Jordan 1 Chicago x Off-WhiteJordan 1 Chicago x Off-White

Release Date: November, 2017
Retail Price:
Avg Resale:

Next up, we have one of the sneaker collabs that lives in our heads rent-free. Virgil Abloh really left his mark on the sneaker scene with his Off-White brand.  Featuring the famous Chicago-themed white, black, and Varsity red colorway, these kicks were an absolute sensation. Furthermore, from the zip tie to the exposed foam, the whole look of these Red Jordans is a must-have for sneakerheads.

Jordan 3 Retro SE Unite Fire RedJordan 3 Retro SE Unite Fire Red

Release Date: February, 2020
Retail Price:
Avg Resale: 

As tradition goes, Jordan Brand saved a special treat for the NBA All-Star game in 2020. They released the fiery hot Jordan 3 SE Unite Fire Red “Nike Chi”  in a nod to Chicago, the Windy City. Yet, it didn’t take long for these kicks to become one of the most sought-after Red Jordans!

Air Jordan 3 Retro DJ Khaled “Grateful”Air Jordan 3 Retro DJ Khaled “Grateful”

Release Date: June, 2017
Retail Price: $210
Avg Resale: $9,999

DJ Khaled, from Kanye’s kicks to Jordan collabs to an $8 million sneaker collection, owns the game. Yet, one unreleased Jordan stands out: the Jordan 3 DJ Khaled ‘Grateful’. So, this highly sought-after pair is currently reselling for a whopping $10K on average! You can check out Dj Khaled Jordan’s history and the best collection talk right here!

Trophy Room x Air Jordan 5 Retro F&FTrophy Room x Air Jordan 5 Retro F&F

Release Date: May, 2019
Retail Price: $200
Avg Resale: $8,000

Moving on, we’ve got one of the rarest Jordan 5s out there! This exclusive F& F edition comes in a limited run of just 223 pairs. Resulting in an astounding resale value. After all,  the Jordan & Orlando’s Trophy Room collab always leads to immense hype. And to top it off, a new bomb is on the way! This month, the highly anticipated Jordan 1 Low Trophy Room is dropping in a stunning Red, White, & Black colorway. So, you better get ready for the copping battle!

Jordan 11 Retro Playoffs BredJordan 11 Retro Playoffs Bred

Release Date: December, 2019
Retail Price: $220
Avg Resale: $451

The final pair of Red Jordans on our list may not scream red, but they’re an absolute must-see! Indeed, the Bred Air Jordan 11 “Playoffs” carries a timeless nostalgic vibe. Marking the start of a championship journey toward a second three-peat! Lucky us,  the wait since 2019 is finally over as the Jordan 11 Bred is returning this holiday season! 

We’re Not Done Yet! How Can You Score More?

Now, if you’re not willing to spend half your savings on a pair of these kicks, no worries! More Red Jordans will be available at retail prices in the future. And since they’re money-makers on the resale market, you might just cash in big time flipping these kicks!

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