How to Wear Jordans: Get the Right Drip with Simple Steps!

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Today, it’s all about Jordans, style, and fashuuun! So you got a really cool pair of Jordans, and you wanna find the right way to wear them. Y’all know that as sneakerheads, the fit makes or breaks your sneaker rep! If you’re wearing the wrong things with the right kicks, it’s just… nope. Relax though, our dear sneaker fan, because we’re gonna check out how to wear Jordans right now! But before you do so, check out our kicktionary to make sure you know your sneaker lingo!


How to Wear Jordans: Look Like You Know Your Shit!

Before we get into all that technical shit, we need to talk about what makes a person stylish. Now, we always like to remind our readers that kicks are as cool as you believe them to be! So always make sure you’re comfortable in your own skin wearing the joints before styling them. And with that out of the way, let’s check out how to style Jordans with these tips and tricks!

Some Accessorizing Tipshow-to-wear-jordans-pants

Something we all sometimes forget about is accessorizing! That shit can sometimes single-handedly change the whole outfit’s vibe. So, if you wanna get the most out of your look, here’s what you should do!

Laces. Laces. And Laces.

There are two things that you can do here. First off, you should know how to lace your Jordans. And well, if you know how to do it on Js, you’ll know how to do it on any kicks! Second, if your kicks come with extra laces, why not play around and experiment with them? A lot of releases come with an extra set of laces or more, even Jordans! So always keep in mind that your kicks are as cool as you make them.

Shoe Size Matters Yo

We mean it fam. Wearing leather kicks is a responsibility, not that we mind the creasing. But you know, even creases come in degrees. And if you’re wearing the wrong size, that shit be serious! So, make sure you got your Jordan size right before wearing them. Otherwise, be prepared for some serious creasing! Oh, you’re not sure what size to go for? Well, here’s how Jordans fit so you can get the right pair for your feet!

The Sock Game Should Be on Point!

If you thought your socks take a backseat when you’re styling you’re Js, you’re pretty wrong! If you’re wearing shorts, low-top Js, or anything that shows your socks, then you gotta give it some thought. Plain whites and blacks aren’t always the best choice for your fit. Sometimes, you need to give your fit some extra life with colorful socks. And y’all know that there’s plenty of those around!

Accessorize the Shit Out of Your Kicks

The ladies can relate to this. And so should the guys! Matching the heels with the bag is a thing whenever you’re going out, but so is the sneaker/bag mix. That also applies to the men out there, especially if they’re into crossbody bags! After all, Supreme totally aced the bag game. So if you’re into that, you can always go a step further, and color coordinate a bit… or not. Whatever floats your boat.

How to Wear Jordans and Be Stylish About It?

how-to-style-js-with-shorts-tsbLet the Kicks Stand Out!

If you got a really colorful pair of Js, you’ll wanna direct all the attention to them (duh). So, all you have to do here is wear something that won’t distract peeps. In other words, with colorful kicks go for a monotonous or contrasting outfit! And the reverse applies too. If you’re going for a very simple colorway, you can go crazy with the fit!

Choose the Right Cut for Your Kicks

High, Mid, or Low? Which one is it for you? Well, the answer depends on many factors. Are you an OG fan? You’ll always prefer the highs over other cuts then. What if you don’t mind the release but wanna find a specific colorway? Mids can come in handy. Looking for a stylish alternative for all of these? The lows are your kicks fam!

What Do I Wear Then?

You must be asking that question, so we’re gonna give you some outfit inspo. First, you gotta stay away from too-baggy baggy pants. They’ll take away from the kicks unless that’s exactly what you want. But the go-tos, if you wanna flex your kicks, are definitely either cuffed cargo or tapered pants. You can pair these babies up with a hoodie, tee, or a tee with a shirt over it. Anything can work if you want that laid-back vibe.

Next up, we have shorts. You can always wear shorts, which is a given since Js are originally basketball kicks. So if you’re going with shorts, make sure you circle back to the socks bit, because… well it’s kinda obvious don’t you think?

Now, the Most Important Tip of All…

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