5 Nike Releases That’ll Pay for Your Dinner [before Jordan asks you out!]

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Every once in a little while, we care to pause our Jordan obsession in tribute to the one and only mothership! We’re talking about Nike sneakers with no strings attached. Unless it’s a hot collaboration, then we’re the ones buying them. Nike Dunks are back at the scene this summer to rule. And the Nike Space Hippie sequels just keep coming at us like comets. So, here’s to hype upcoming Nike releases expected to make you a thick buck.


Nike Releases to Get You Back on Your Feet!

The following 5 sneakers are the drooling combination of hype, style, and cash. Check out this 5 minute post on why TSB is the most trust-worthy Nike bot in today’s market. You can’t go around copping your summer treats! And whether you’re in Yokohama or Serbia, you’re gonna need to know about Nike sneaker proxies that’ll teleport you to where you need to be. 

Nike Dunk Low Samba
Releasing: August 21, 2020
Retail Cost: $100
Aftermarket Value: $600


The Nike Dunk Samba 2020 drops in tribute to the 2001 Tokyo-inspired Dunk. With Hyper Blue and Samba Red as the dominant colors, this Dunk is a Nike Dunk Plum look-alike with similar resale potential!

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Proto “Big Stage”
Releasing: August 23, 2020
Retail Cost: $180
Aftermarket Value: $900-$1,000


To honor the 6 month passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and the eight passengers in the tragic helicopter crash, $1M will be donated from Nike Mamba Week to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. Four Nike Kobe sneakers will be released that week alongside “Big Stage.” As well as two super limited Kobe jerseys. Click here for the entire collection.

Denham x Air Max 1
Releasing: September 18, 2020
Retail Cost: $300
Aftermarket Value: $440


Ever took a moment to appreciate premium-quality denim? Got you thinking about the Jordan 3 Fire Red Denim and Nike Dunk Sashiko, right? Not quite, fam. By quality we mean Amsterdam-founded Denham! We’re talking about trademark-embroidered denim with Asian roots. And it’s dropping an Air Max Trio this September. Expensive as they are compared to regular Air Maxes, this collaboration is BIFL material!

Nike Space Hippie 01 “Black Wheat”
Releasing: August 20, 2020
Retail Cost: $130
Aftermarket Value: $850


Had just about enough with the Nike Space Hippie pack? Chapter 2, we mean you too! This 01 pair along with the Lemon Venom 04 are standing out. Is it the contrast or are people simply going crazy for eco-friendly fashion? The resale market speaks on that behalf, nearly 7 times as much.

Nike Dunk Low Ceramic
Releasing: September 1, 2020
Retail Cost: $100
Aftermarket Value: $1,000


Orange Grateful Dead Dunk, that you teddy?! It certainly lost a fluff’s worth of weight since the last time we saw it. But the resemblance between it and this Pro B Ceramic Dunk is uncanny. For $100, you better cop all Nike Dunks yet to drop. They are a top Nike investment that cost so little.

Feeling Hungry, Fam?

With Nike Dunks crapping all over the place and sustainability cranking it up a notch, what are you waiting for? And that’s just on the behalf of Nike releases. We didn’t even begin to drool over Air Jordan colorways and collaborations. So, keep posted here for constant updates on cop-worthy sneakers. Also stick around on Twitter for giveaway announcements. You never know when your lucky day will be! 

And just because we can’t help avoiding the J man, make sure you cop the Jordan 5 Bel Air with TSB today! 

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